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Aboagora - between arts and sciences: The Power of the Sacred and the
Turku 14.08.2012  - 16.08.2012 


Turku, 14-16 August 2012

Aboagora is an event that promotes dialogue between the arts,
humanities and sciences, and aims at challenging and breaking
boundaries between arts and the scholarly world. The programme
consists of workshops, keynote lectures and concerts. Aboagora is a
joint effort by the Turku Music Festival, the Department of Cultural
History at the University of Turku and the Donner Institute, Åbo
Akademi University.

“The Power of the Sacred and the Secular”

The theme for 2012 focuses on a process that is fundamental to
Western culture, that of separation between sacral and secular
culture. This opens a fruitful perspective on the dialogue between
the arts and the academia, since the concept of the secular is
vigorously debated in both fields. In 2012 Aboagora seeks to turn
critical attention to such questions as the role of religion in
contemporary society, the return of mysticism and spirituality to
public discussion and the so-called post-secular. In special focus
are the issues of power and religion in relation to questions of
gender and sexuality, sacred and secular love, Medieval inquisition,
cinema and architectural space, cognitive science and quantum

Keynote speakers include Gianni Vattimo (Philosophy, Italy), Miri
Rubin (History, UK), Marion Bowman (Religious Studies, UK) and Juhani
Pallasmaa (Architecture, Finland)

The workshop members include Kari Enqvist (Physics), Ilkka Pyysiäinen
(Religious Studies), Sabrina Maniscalco (Physics), Andrew Yip
(Sociology), Salla Tuori (Gender Studies), Elina Pirjatanniemi (Human
Rights), Peter Nynäs (Religious Studies), Benjamin Zeller (Religious
Studies), Terhi Utriainen (Religious Studies), Erik Steinskog (Music
Studies), Tom Linkinen (Cultural History), Reima Välimäki (Cultural
History) and Pekka Tolonen (Religious Studies).

For full programme and online registration please visit

The registration fee for the symposium is 30 € (for students 20 €).
It includes participation for all keynote lectures, admission to all
workshops, three lunches at Hus Lindman and coffee/tea with small
snacks during coffee breaks. Registration closes on 15 June.


Please circulate to those who may be interested!

Asko Nivala, MA

Aboagora – Between Arts and Sciences

Department of Cultural History
FI-20014 University of Turku

tel. +358 (0)2 333 6294
GSM +358 (0)40 756 8286
e-mail: aeniva at utu.fi

For full programme and online registration please visit (
http://www.aboagora.fi )

Asko Nivala <aeniva at utu.fi> 

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