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'Information Identities' - SIGCIS 2012 Workshop, CFP

SIGCIS Workshop 2012
Information Identities: Historical Perspectives on Technological and
Social Change

For the latest updates and the full Call for Papers, see

DEADLINE for submissions: 15 June 2012

The Society for the History of Technology's Special Interest Group
for Computers, Information and Society (SIGCIS -
http://www.sigcis.org) welcomes submissions for a one-day scholarly
workshop to be held on Sunday, October 7, 2012 in Copenhagen,
Denmark.  As in previous years, SIGCIS's annual workshop will be held
at the end of the SHOT annual meeting on the day that SHOT has
reserved for SIG events. For more information on the main SHOT
program, see http://www.historyoftechnology.org/annual_meeting.html.

SIGCIS invites proposals that examine the relationships between
computer and information technologies and changes to individual
and/or group identities, such as those shared by a nation, company
personnel, or members of a virtual community. Such papers might

* Specific 'information identities'-a term that we invite scholars to
interpret broadly and creatively-that have been articulated in the
recent or distant past
* Relationships between information technologies and political
* The rhetoric and discourses of globalization that have been linked
to information and computer technologies
* National identity and its relation to information technology
* National and transnational strategies for joining or creating an
'information society,' a 'network society,' an 'information economy,'
or related concepts
* Transnational and international organizations, such as IFIP,
UNESCO, the European Union, or standard-setting committees.
* Ways in which particular information technologies acquired new
meanings and fulfilled new roles through interaction with local
practices and identities
* The emergence of new kinds of community and identity around
information technologies.

SIGCIS encourages submissions along these and similar lines of
inquiry, but it also maintains a proud tradition of welcoming all
types of contributions related to the history of computing and
information, whether or not there is an explicit connection with the
annual theme.  Our membership is international and interdisciplinary,
and our members examine the history of information technologies and
their place within society. 

Proposals for entire sessions and individual presenters are both
welcome. We hope to run special sessions featuring dissertations in
progress and other works in progress. The workshop is a great
opportunity to get helpful feedback on your projects in a relaxed and
supportive environment. All proposals will be subject to a peer review
process based on abstracts.

All submissions should be made online via the SIGCIS website,
http://www.sigcis.org/workshop12.  Limited travel assistance for
graduate students and other scholars without institutional support is
available.  Questions about the 2012 SIGCIS workshop should be
addressed to Andrew Russell (College of Arts & Letters, Stevens
Institute of Technology), who is serving as chair of the workshop
program committee. Email arussell at stevens.edu.

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