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Fourth Symposium on WHALING & HISTORY

Fourth Symposium on WHALING & HISTORY

The Whaling Museum is focusing on both social and environmental
history and would like to have papers on topics such as:

Cultural history
Social Conditions, Family Life, Recruitment, Labour, Transnational
Perspectives, etc.

Social and environmental history
Local Societies Dependence on the Whaling Activity, Change-over to
other Business when Whaling Ended, Environmental Consequences etc.

The Intermediary of Whaling History
In Museums, Storytelling, Through Choice of Research Topics, etc.

We will, however, consider any suggested theme within the broad topic
of ’whaling history’.

If you would be interested in participating in the symposium, please
register your lecture about one of the above subjects by sending us
the title and a brief summary of its content, to
Jan.Erik.Ringstad at vestfoldmuseene.no

The closing date is the 1st May 2012

The Whaling Museum does not pay a lecture fee, but will cover travel
and accommodation costs. We plan to publish the lectures after the
symposium and would therefore like a data version of the lecture

Would you be so kind as to send this information to any interested

Contact person at the Whaling Museum: Curator Jan Erik Ringstad +47
91 67 01 09
http://www.hvalfangstmuseet.no/ 		http://www.whalingmuseum.com

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