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Witchcraft, Magic and Popular Religion - XI Gustav Vasa seminar 11.-12.6.2013
Witchcraft, Magic and Popular Religion

The Eleventh Gustav Vasa seminar in Jyväskylä 11.–12.6.2013

The Gustav Vasa Seminar is an annual event organized by the Department of
History and Ethnology of the University of Jyväskylä and the Early Modern
Moralsresearch group, which functions under its auspices.


In different cultures, in the past as well as in the present, there are beliefs
that the supernatural influences people’s lives in different ways. In early
modern Europe, God was believed to be a strict father who punished sinners and
guided the believers, but also his adversary, the devil, was understood as an
active actor in the mundane world. It was also thought that there were times
when and places where the borderline between this and the other world was
narrow, but different rite experts – and in some cases also ordinary people
– could use trance techniques to make a journey to the other world. There were
also, for instance, some fragile turning points during an individual’s
life-span which were ritually protected.

The Eleventh annual Gustav Vasa seminar focuses on the themes of popular
religion, witchcraft and magic. We invite papers to discuss these themes in
multidisciplinary perspectives, e.g. from the fields of history, anthropology,
religious science and archaeology. The focus of the seminar is on worldviews and
belief systems and their internal logic, which influenced the way people
understood the world and the supernatural. The aim is to look at these issues
through intersectional studies in order to create a diverse picture of popular
religion, witchcraft and magic.

In the seminar, the multidisciplinary approach is created not only by single
papers that examine the subject from a cross-disciplinary perspective but also
by papers representing different fields that can be useful to each other and
bring new light on themes of popular religion, witchcraft and magic. For
example, the theories and concepts of anthropology have been successfully
utilized in the historical study of the early modern era.

Keynote speakers:

Dr. Caterina Bruschi, University of Birmingham

Professor Catharina Raudvere, University of Copenhagen

Professor Laura Stark, University of Jyväskylä

Professor Jacqueline Van Gent, University of Western Australia

The papers may deal with the themes of the seminar in the context of different
time periods, from ancient times to the present. All proposals on the themes of
the seminar are welcome. Papers may focus on, for example, the following themes:

- Methodological questions in multidisciplinary approaches, for example:

How to utilize modern folklore material and results of folkloristic research in
the study of earlier conceptions on the supernatural?
How to utilize theories and concepts of different disciplines in the study of
popular religion, witchcraft and magic?

- Rituals; Sacred times and places

- The role of gender in the study of popular religion, witchcraft and magic

- The relationship and conflicts between popular and “official” religion

- Experience and emotions related to popular religion, witchcraft and magic

Intending participants should register for the seminar by 31/1/2013 by sending a
one-page (max.) abstract of their proposed presentation to
hela-harjoittelija at campus.jyu.fi. Applicants will be informed about acceptance
of their submitted topic and the programme of the seminar by the end of
February.  The maximum permitted duration of presentations is 20 minutes, but
participants may if they wish also submit longer texts. The working language of
the seminar is English.

For further information, please contact Jari Eilola (jari.eilola at jyu.fi),
Department of History and Ethnology, PL 35, FIN 40014 University of Jyväskylä,


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