[H-verkko] Helsinki, 10th Collegium Lecture by Gabrielle Spiegel: The History and Historiography of Memory

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10th Collegium Lecture by Gabrielle Spiegel: The History and
Historiography of Memory
Helsinki 14.05.2012 klo 16:15

The 10th Annual Collegium Lecture

Professor Gabrielle M. Spiegel (Johns Hopkins University): 
“The History and Historiography of Memory”

Time: Monday, 14 May 2012 at 4:15 p.m.
Venue: Small Assembly Hall of the main building of the University of
Helsinki, Fabianinkatu 33, 4th floor

Free admission. Welcome!

The lecture addresses the problem of what is often claimed to be an
excessive concern with memory in contemporary historical studies,
often figured as “the memory industry.” The result, according to many
scholars, has been the over-privileging of subjectivity at the expense
of objectivity, the collapse of historical awareness, and, in effect,
the coming “end of history.”  Contributing to the turn to memory has
been the worldwide proliferation of public controversies over
divisive historical legacies, both global in scope and traumatic in
nature. This lecture argues that it is an open question whether “the
end of history” is the likely result of the focus on memory over the
last several decades or whether it is merely the consequence of a
particular historical moment in the history of historiography. It
argues that the return of history is much more probable than its
demise, and that history’s “return” is something that is already
occurring, not least in studies of memory itself.

The lecture traces the return of history through a variety of
memorial channels, including work involved with “transitional
justice” and the emergence of judicial tribunals such as the Truth
and Reconciliation Commissions created to negotiate past grievances
in the interest of new historical “beginnings.”  In conclusion, the
lecture will take up the methodological, historiographical and
ethical implications of the rise of memory studies in contemporary


Gabrielle M. Spiegel is Krieger-Eisenhower University Professor of
History at the Johns Hopkins University, where she has also served as
Chair of the History Department. She is a past President of the
American Historical Association and was Dean of Humanities at UCLA
and Dean of Faculty at Johns Hopkins University. She is a Fellow of
the Medieval Academy and was named a Gilman Scholar by President
Daniels. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and

Her work centers on the theory and practice of writing history, both
in the Middle Ages and in the modern era. In addition to doing
research on medieval historical writing in Latin and Old French, she
works on the implications of postmodern critical theory for
understanding contemporary historiographical practices. Her
publications on these topics include The Chronicle Tradition of
Saint-Denis: A Survey (1978); Romancing the Past: The Rise of
Vernacular Prose Historiography in Thirteenth-Century France, (1993);
The Past as Text: The Theory and Practice of Medieval Historiography
(1997); translated into Italian as Il Passato come Testo.Teoria e
pratica della storiografia medievale (1998), Ed., With an
Introduction,  Practicing History: New Directions in Historical
Writing after the Linguistic Turn, (2005).  Trans. with Stephen
Nichols, Kantorowicz: Stories of a Historian, by Alain Boureau
(2001). Plus some 70 articles on medieval historiography and
contemporary theories of historical writing.

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