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Archives as Networks of Power
Helsinki 15.05.2012 

Making and interpreting national pasts – the role of finnish archives
as networks of power and sites of memory
Archives as Networks of Power
Helsinki, 15 May 2012, Finnish Literature Society, SKS, Hallituskatu

13.00 Opening: Chief of Archives Ulla-Maija Peltonen

13.15 Professor Kirsi Vainio-Korhonen: Presentation of the Academy of
 Finland research project Making and Interpreting National Pasts –
Role of Finnish Archives as Networks of Power and Sites of Memory

13.40 Professor Angelika Menne-Haritz: Opening Top Secret Records for
Public Access the Foundation Archives of Parties and Mass
Organisations of the GDR in the Federal Archives of Germany

14.45 – 15.15   Coffee and tea

15.15 – 17.15  Sessions

15.15 Doctoral candidate Petra Hakala: Strategies of Archival
Acquisition in The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland
Commenter Taina Saarenpää

15.45 Doctoral candidate Taina Saarenpää: Women of the Bourgeois
Class in Medieval Sources and in the Material Collated and Described
by Reinhold Hausen
Commenter Petra Hakala

16.15 Postdoctoral researcher Jari Lybeck: Birth and Development of
Records Management Thinking in Finland from the 1880s to 1981
Commenter Outi Hupaniittu

16.45 Postdoctoral researcher Outi Hupaniittu: Appraisal Policies and
the Ideas of Objectivity and Impartiality
Commenter Jari Lybeck


17.15 Conclusion: Chief of Archives Mikael Korhonen

The seminar is free, but participants are asked to fill in a
registration form by 8.5.2012 on our web site
For more information send e-mail to lmvuon at utu.fi or
andreas.mckeough at gmail.com

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