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NordWel mobility fellowship for postdoctoral researchers

The Nordic Centre of Excellence: The Nordic Welfare State –
Historical Foundations and Future Challenges (NordWel) announces
mobility fellowships for postdoctoral researchers working within the
research themes of the Centre. NordWel is a multi-disciplinary,
cross-national research network of seven partner units in Nordic
universities. It is financed by by NordForsk’s Nordic Centre of
Excellence (NCoE) Programme on Welfare Research. The Centre is
organized around five theme groups gathering researchers from
different disciplines of historical and social research:

1. Religion, Lutheranism and the Nordic Welfare State Model
2. The National Welfare State: Citizenship and Democracy
3. Epistemic Communities: Knowledge and Social Interests in the
Making of the Nordic Welfare
4. The Value Systems and Legitimacy in the Nordic Welfare State
5. The Normative Charges of Work: The Labour Market and the Welfare

The mobility fellowship covers a 2 – 6 months visit in one of the
institutions participating in the Centre. Fellowships are available
for researchers affiliated to a university or research institute in
Nordic and other countries. NordForsk guidelines presuppose
cross-border mobility, i.e. the visited institution must be in
another country than the applicant’s home institution. 

NordWel invites applications for fellowships for the time period
between 1 January 2012 – 30 November 2012 in any of the NordWel
research groups at the following institutions: University of
Helsinki, University of Jyväskylä, Stockholm University**, Norwegian
University of Science and Technology, Trondheim/University of
Copenhagen/Lund University***, Uni Rokkan Centre/University of
Bergen, University of Southern Denmark, Odense and University of

The deadline for applications is 28 October 2011.

More information on the fellowship and application procedure on:

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