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Sciences in Russia, Finland and the Baltics in the early 20th
Century, June 27th 2011

Sciences in Russia, Finland and the Baltics in the early 20th

One-day seminar, Helsinki, June 27th 2011

Organisers: the Finnish Society for the History of Science and
Learning; the St. Petersburg branch of the Institute for the History
of Science and Technology at the Russian Academy of Sciences; the
Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration (TSEBA), and
the Estonian Association for History and Philosophy of Science

The seminar will investigate the development of sciences in the early
20th Century in north-eastern Europe, with a particular emphasis on
the effect of politics on science and scientific networks during
World War I, the collapse of the Russian empire and the emergence of
independent nation-states in the region.

The World War I and its impact upon academic research and academic
networks have aroused interest among many historians of science. They
have examined the unprecedented engagement of science in the war
effort, increasing state intervention, the emergence of conscious
science policies, the shift from informal academic networks to the
systematic planning and coordination of research within much larger
institutional frameworks, the approach of pure and applied sciences
and the decline of internationalism in science. Their focus has been
mostly on the Central Powers and the Western Allies. Studies of early
20th Century science in north-eastern Europe have been more structured
by the concept of national history with little regard to the dramatic
political rearrangement which occurred with the First World War and
the collapse of the Russian empire.

The seminar aims at bringing together PhD students and established
scholars who are interested in overcoming the nation-state narrative
frameworks and in developing a wider comparative perspective on the
interaction between science, society and the state in the early 20th
century in this north-eastern part of Europe.

We particularly encourage papers which explore the following themes:
• The impact of the Great War, Revolution and national independence
upon academic networks in the region;
• The role of local, national and international contexts of academic
• The development of national historiographical traditions of writing
about early 20th Century science in the region.

Our one-day meeting is to be held in Helsinki, at the House of
Sciences and Letters (Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki). Participation is free.
Regrettably, the organisers are unable to provide financial assistance
for travel and accommodation.

Please send an abstract (max. 300 words) and a brief CV as email
attachments (either .doc or .rtf format) to Johanna Lilja (e-mail:
e.johanna.lilja at uta.fi) by May 16th, 2011. Decisions concerning the
abstracts will be communicated no later than May 31st, 2011

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