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World War Two in the Baltics

'World War Two in the Baltics’

January 14-15, 2012
Tartu, Estonia

Deadline: Abstracts (500 words, in English) should be submitted along
with an academic CV by September 15, 2011 to the organisers via
Tartu2012 at ksk.edu.ee

The Estonian National Defence College and the Baltic Defence College
are happy to present the call for papers for an international
conference ‘World War Two in the Baltics’. The organisers wish to
bring together historians working on various aspects of the Baltic
history in the late 1930s and the 1940s. 

The organisers believe that the Baltics is still a 'blank spot' in
most histories of the Second World War. It is seldom realised just
how important the Baltics was in the outbreak and the spread of the
war in Europe. Before war engulfed Western Europe and the rest of the
world, there was a ‘Baltic Conflict,’ unleashed by Nazi Germany and
the USSR in 1939 to decide which powers would control Poland, Finland
and the three Baltic states. The impact of the war was profound.
Finland fought its great-power neighbor twice and survived, but the
costs were high. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania experienced not one
but three successive occupations; their societies were subjected to
genocidal policies and to social engineering on an unprecedented
scale. As states they were wiped off the map at the end of the war.
Indeed, they were the only states of Nazi-occupied Europe to lose
their sovereignty altogether.

The war in the Baltic was not only severe, it lasted longer than in
most places. German forces in Courland fought on until the bitter
end, but in the forests another war started, a bitter armed
resistance against the Soviet regime. It was here that the Cold War
began almost immediately, and it was really a hot war, at least in
the beginning.

The organisers wish to re-examine the Second World War in the Baltics
by covering the issues of grand strategy and diplomacy, politics and
social issues, as well as military affairs. We invite papers on the
following topics:

The Baltic Region in German strategy
The Baltic Region in Soviet strategy
The prewar armed forces and war plans in the region
The Baltic region in the strategy and diplomacy of the ‘Big Three’
Frictions of coalition warfare, both German and Soviet. 
Air operations
Ground operations
Naval operations
The Finno-Russian War
The German and Soviet occupations of the Baltics
The Holocaust in the Baltic States
The Postwar conflicts (resistance movements) in the 1940s

The conference will be organised by scholars from the Estonian
National Defence College and the Baltic Defence College. It will take
place in Tartu in January 14-15, 2012. 

How to Apply

We expect proposals from researchers as well as young academics from
various academic backgrounds. Presentation should not exceed 30
minutes. The conference language is English, however, exceptions
may-be made for Russian-speakers.

Abstracts (500 words, in English) should be submitted along with an
academic CV by September 15, 2011 to the organisers via email:
Tartu2012 at ksk.edu.ee

Selected candidates will be contacted by the end of September, 2011.

Participants are asked to hand in their paper’s final version to the
organisers by December 15, 2011.

A publication of the conference papers is planned.

There are no registration costs. 

Organisers: Kaarel Piirimäe PhD, James S. Corum PhD

Updates will be posted at: www.ksk.edu.ee/en/Tartu2012

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