[H-verkko] Helsinki, Seminaari: Medieval archaeology as historical archaeology

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Seminaari: Medieval archaeology as historical archaeology
Helsinki 14.09.2011  - 16.09.2011 

Jarl Gallén –award recipient 2010

professor of archaeology
Stockholm University

Anders Andrén :

Medieval archaeology as historical archaeology

A graduate course at the University of Helsinki on the 14th - 16th of
September 2011

In recent years medieval archaeology at some European universities
has been redefined as historical archaeology. The redefinition
underlines the methodological issues in the subject rather than a
specific period, although most studies are still directed towards the
Middle Ages. In the course, different issues in historical archaeology
will be explored, by using examples from above all medieval
Scandinavia. The following lectures will be given: 


10-12	Medieval archaeology as historical archaeology
14-16	Medieval texts reflecting prehistory? – The case of Old Norse


10-12	Runic writing – from AD 200 to 1900
14-16	Social and cosmological aspects of Romanesque churches

FRIDAY 16.9.

10-12	Medieval towns in Scandinavia – structure, function and
14-16	Gotland in 1288 and 1361 – an archaeology of events

The course is directed to graduate students, but advanced degree
students are also welcome to attend.  Registration is free but

Small BURSARIES are available to defray travel and accommodation
costs. Send application (max. one page) including budget information
for travel and accommodation costs by 1st of August, 2011 to
tuija.ainonen at helsinki.fi.  Please direct the application to ’Centre
for Nordic Studies, PL 59, 00014 Helsingin yliopisto’.

For more information and registration, contact event co-ordinator
Tuija Ainonen at tuija.ainonen at helsinki.fi 

The course in organised by CENS — Centre for Nordic Studies,
Department of World Cultures, University of Helsinki and Historiska

Tuija Ainonen <tuija.ainonen at helsinki.fi> 

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