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Seminar on Multiculturalism, Spring 2011, University of Turku
Turku 18.01.2011 klo 14:15 - 18.01.2011 klo 16:00

The multidisciplinary project 'Multiculturalism as a New Pathway to
Incorporation', funded by the
Academy of Finland, offers the following course at the University of
Turku in Spring 2011:

Seminar on Multiculturalism

Peter Kivisto, KL1-KL2, School of History, Culture and Arts Studies
Time: Tuesdays at 14-16, starting on January 18, 2011
Place: Room V108 Salonki, Artium building, 1st floor (Musicology),
Kaivokatu 12, Turku

The course functions as a multidisciplinary seminar group for
researchers and students of history, sociology, and other fields of
study. The seminar discusses the concept of  multiculturalism, as
well as its policies and practices carried on in various social and
cultural environments.

The seminar starts with an introductory session in January, followed
by student presentations. Each seminar participant selects a topic
for writing an essay or a research plan on their own field of study,
which will be deepened further in the seminar meetings. Fidipro
Professor Peter Kivisto will offer teaching in February, and the
seminar may also contain lectures by guest speakers.

Papers in progress as well as finished papers are discussed on the
seminar website (Moodle). Students may register for the seminar at
https://moodle.utu.fi/. To get the enrollment key for the course and
for more information, please contact Project Coordinator Johanna
Leinonen at johlei(at)utu.fi.


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