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Heritage and Individuals 3rd Conference of the Working Group on
Cultural Heritage and Property

Heritage and Individuals
3rd Conference of the Working Group on Cultural Heritage and
14–17 September 2011 in Pori, Finland

Call for papers

Conference of the “Heritage and Individuals” will penetrate different
views to
-	intangible and tangible cultural heritage
-	cultural change from past to future
-	individual and common definitions and  uses of cultural heritage
-	culturally sustainable development.

Individual human beings, their different common and individual
activities as a potential power in society, and different cultural,
social, political, economic and legal contexts for cultural heritage
activities are the core of this conference. Individual human beings
and everyday life is the ground for all selected and protected
cultural heritage, and the commercial, political and societal use of
it. The power of national and international laws and conventions are
remarkable. On the contrary, the power of individuals is often
invisible, and it is not always obvious to take it into consideration
in connection to cultural heritage and the use of it. 

The power of individuals is hidden and fragmentised to unorganised
and organised levels of activities, into different socio-cultural
structures of activities, and to different local and global
interaction networks. Glocal interaction, where locally active
individuals and communities meet global contexts for their messages,
is also extremely interesting contexts for the development of
cultural heritage, and the individual and common uses of it. The
power of individuals has multiple places, contexts, and contradictory
directions in both the local and global context of cultural heritage.

Anyhow, it is never possible to protect any piece of cultural
heritage without the individual power fragmentised in different parts
of the society, into the political and legal structures of society,
and in the everyday life. At the same time, people produce as
individuals and organisations both on local and global level
contradictory ideas about cultural heritage, the need of it, the
protection of it, and the use of it. What could be culturally
sustainable cultural heritage in this contradictory world?
Keynote lecturers:

-	Researcher and editor, PhD Petja Aarnipuu, The Kalevala Society
-	Assistant Professor Lucky P. C. Belder, CIER, Centre for
Intellectual Property Law, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands
-	Professor Hannu Saha, Department of Folk Music, Sibelius Academy,
Helsinki, Finland
-	Univ. prof. Dr. Ingo Schneider, Institut für
Geschichtswissenschaften und Europäische Ethnologie, University of
Innsbruck, Austria


To apply for participation in the conference, please send an abstract
(250–300 words) to: Riina Haanpää (riihaa at utu.fi). Abstracts must be
written in English and the conference language will be English.

Abstract submission deadline is 30 April 2011.
The acceptance will be announced by 31 May 2011.

The preliminary schedule of the conference:

Wednesday 14 September 2011: Evening reception
15–16 September 2011: Conference program with four keynote
presentations and parallel sessions
Saturday 17 September 2011: Excursion (with a separate participation

Participation fee:

Participation fee for different groups	Early registration until 30
June 2011	Late registration from 1 July 2011
Standard fee	35,00	50,00
Fee for members of SIEF Working Group on Cultural heritage and
property	20,00	35,00
Fee for students	20,00	35,00

Organisers of the conference:

-	Cultural Heritage Studies and the Degree Program in Cultural
Production and Landscape Studies (Pori) at the University of Turku,
-	Finland Futures Research Centre at the University of Turku,
-	Ethnos, the Association of Finnish Ethnologists and
-	The Finnish Folklore Society

Further information:
Riina Haanpää, riihaa at utu.fi and Katriina Siivonen,
katriina.siivonen at utu.fi.


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