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Representing Lives: A Workshop on Biographical Research, Oulu

Biographical writing has traditionally been one of the most
accessible – and the most marketable – parts of historical
scholarship. But the business of representing lives also raises some
topical methodological and conceptual questions, relevant to any form
of representing past, which we shall address in a two-day conference
at the University of Oulu.

REPRESENTING LIVES: A Workshop on Biographical Research
* 29-30 September 2011, Department of History, University of Oulu *


Biographical research prompts us to ask 

• what is the role of indivual(s) in history, 
• what is the position of the author in relation to the subject s/he
writes about, how and why should one study 'marginal' figures and
underrepresented groups, 
• how does one evaluate the importance and achievement of historical
actors, how best to conceive and represent the relationship between
'life' and 'works' (if indeed they can be told apart at all), and
• how make use of 'new' (e.g. digital) sources.
• Further questions of interest concern the role different narrative
structures in representing the past, the relationship between fact
and fiction, and the role of biographical representations in shaping
the historical views of the so called general public. 

These and other questions will be explored in a two-day workshop
organised at the University of Oulu by the research project 'Forcing
the Way: Gender and Professional Networks of Power in 20th-Century

• Professor Christina Florin from the University of Stockholm
• Ph.D., research fellow Maarit Leskelä-Kärki from the University of
Turku, Finland

The language of the workshop is English. 

We welcome papers relating to any period or culture, papers dealing
with either individual or collective biography, or autobiography, and
papers dealing with either written or audiovisual forms of
biographical representation. The papers can be either case studies or
more clearly methological papers, but we would like the former, too,
to include some conceptual / methodological / theoretical

If  you are interested in taking part in the workshop, please email
an abstract (c. 400-500 words) to one of the email addresses given
below by March 15th, 2011.



Heini Hakosalo
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+358 (0)8 553 3323

Seija Jalagin
seija.jalagin at oulu.fi
+358 (0)8 553 3363

Marianne Junila
marianne.junila at oulu.fi
+358 (0)8 553 3261

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