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Law and Marriage in Medieval and Early Modern Times -konferenssi
Tanska 04.05.2011  - 04.05.2011 

Law and Marriage in Medieval and Early Modern Times

The Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen 4th to 6th May 2011

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Charles Donahue, Jr. 
Harvard Law School

Prof. Philip L. Reynolds
Emory University, Candler School of Theology

We are happy to announce the upcoming eighth Carlsberg Academy
conference in the interdisciplinary series on medieval legal history,
which aims at discussing new approaches to the study of medieval law
and legal practice and which this time concentrates on the topic of
law and marriage in the Middle Ages and Early Modern times. The
sessions will address the following aspects of marriage: Marriage and
Canon Law, Practicing Marital Law, the Concept of Marriage, Marital
Impediments, Marriage in Late Medieval Cities, Economical Aspects of
marriage and Strategies of Marriage, Family and Kin.

The conference will take place, as usually, at the beautiful building
of Carlsberg Academy, formerly the family residence of the founder of
the Carlsberg Breweries, J. C. Jacobsen, close to the centre of
Copenhagen (for more information, see: www.carlsbergfondet.dk).

For any practical inquiries, please contact:
Helle I. M. Sigh, Institute for History and Area Studies, University
of Aarhus: hishim at hum.au.dk
Kirsi Salonen, School of Social Sciences and Humanities (History),
University of Tampere: kirsi.l.salonen at uta.fi
Helle Vogt, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen,
helle.vogt at jur.ku.dk

For registration use this link: 


Wednesday 4.5.:
10.00-10.30:	Registration
10.30-11.00:	Welcome by Ditlev Tamm (Copenhagen)
11.00-12.00:	Keynote I: Philip L. Reynolds (Atlanta): When medieval
churchmen talked about marriage, what were they really talking about?
A Question of Purview
12.00-12.30:	Coffee break
12.30-13.45:	Session I: Marriage and Canon Law
Anne Duggan (London): The Nature of Alexander III’s Contribution to
Marriage Law, with Special Reference to ‘Licet preter solitum’
Hans Henning Hoff (Reykjavik): On an Icelandic Parallel to C. 5. 17.
10 and N. 22. 6 in the Law Code Grágás
13.45-15.00:	Lunch in the ‘Hall of Pompei’
15.00-16.15:	Session II: Practising Marital Law
Dominik Busky (Prague): Matrimonial Cases in the Mirror of Canon
Procedural Law
Peter Clarke (Southhampton): Rivalling Rome: Cardinal Wolsey,
Dispensations and Marriage
16.15-16.45:	Coffee break
16.45-18.30:	Session III: The Concept of Marriage?
Jan Rüdiger (Frankfurt a.M.): Medieval Marriage? The Case of the
Devil’s Advocate
Inger Dübeck (Copenhagen): A Comparison between Danish and Western
European Law concerning Unmarried Cohabitation, Concubinage and
Cladenstine Marriage: A Study in the Social and Legal Status of Women
in the Period between the Viking Age and the Reformation Age
Hiram Kümper (Bielefeld): Did Medieval Canon Marriage Law Invent our
Modern Notion of Rape? Revisiting the Idea of Consent and Individual
Will Before and After 1200
18.30-23.00:	Conference dinner in the ‘Hall of Pompei’

Thursday 5.5.:
09.30-10.30:	Keynote II: Charles Donahue, Jr. (Cambridge,
Massachusetts): What Happened to the Medieval Law of Marriage in
Early Modern Period?
10.30-11.00:	Coffee break
11.00-12.15:	Session IV: Marital Impediments
Christof Rolker (Konstanz): Charity, Purity and Confusion.
Reflections on Medieval Incest Legislation
Kirsi Salonen (Tampera): Re-defining Marital Impediments. Tolerating
Dubious Marriages through Special Declarations from the Apostolic
Penitentiary in the Late Middle Ages
12.15-12.30:	Short break
12.30-13.45:	Session V: Marriage in Late Medieval Cities
Jakub Wysmulek (Warsaw): Wills as Testimony of Marriage Contracts in
Late Medieval Cracow
Maija Ojala (Tampera): Love or Business? Marital Strategies According
to Craft Ordinances in Late Medieval Cities
13.45-15.00:	Lunch in the ‘Hall of Pompei’
15.00-16.15:	Session VI: Economic Aspects of Marriage – Dowry
Paul Brand (Oxford): Competing for Dower in the English Thirteenth
Century Royal Courts
Thomas Kuehn (Clemson): ’Dos non teneat locum legittime’: Dowry as a
Woman’s Inheritance in Early Quattrocento Florence
16.15-16.45:	Coffee break
16.45-18.00:	Session VII: Strategies of Marriage, Family and Kin
Mia Korpiola (Helsinki): ’Shaming His Honest Family’; Male
Misalliances, Families and the Law in the Late Medieval and
Reformation Sweden
Lars Ivar Hansen (Tromsø): Marriage Among the Landowning Farmers of
Southern Norway: A Device for Social Reproduction of the Peasant
18.00-18.30:	Beer and snack reception at the Carlsberg Academy

Friday 6.5.:
Conference Excursion to Roskilde

For registration use this link: (
https://webshop.dpu.dk/default.aspx?id=4992 )

Kirsi Salonen, Tampereen yliopisto <kirsi.l.salonen at uta.fi> 

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