[H-verkko] CFA Ethnologia Fennica 2012 - Homes and emotions

Tytti Steel tytti.steel at helsinki.fi
Pe Elo 26 10:40:31 EEST 2011

Call for Articles

Ethnologia Fennica 2012 – Homes and emotions

In ethnology homes were previously considered as housing – the
material environment for living. In contemporary research, when
talking about homes, the focus has rather shifted towards the
emotional, intimate and private. Homes cannot be regarded solely as
the domain of the conventional nuclear family: there are homes
inhabited by single people, gay and lesbian families and blended or
stepfamilies families with dynamic structures.

Emotions can fill a space with meaning and convert it into a home. In
advertising, magazines and TV-programs the private sphere of home has
become public. You can even detect certain fetishism in home
discourses: homes and holiday homes are ennobled to such an extent
that they seem to be governing the whole life. Is the continuous
remodelling and reconstruction of the home a threat to the practices
of tradition and continuity?

In ethnology homes have mostly been represented as positive and
harmonious places. What kinds of aspects concerning homes are relevant
in contemporary ethnological research? We encourage contributors to
re-think the meaning of a home: What if the home is connected with
violence or abuse? What is the meaning of a lost, dirty or broken home?

Please send your abstract or (a previously unpublished) article by 15
October 2011 to editor Pirjo Korkiakangas (pirjo.korkiakangas at jyu.fi)
and subeditor Tytti Steel (tytti.steel at helsinki.fi). Articles should
be submitted by 31 January 2012. Please do not hesitate to ask for
more details from the editors or members of the editorial board.
Articles can be written in English or in German and should not exceed
10 000 words. More detailed instructions can be found in EF 2010 and
on the website of the Ethnos association

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