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History – memory – myth: Re-presenting the past

History – memory – myth: Re-presenting the past.  
International Society for Cultural History annual conference
Oslo, August 3rd to 6th, 2011

The conference theme 're-presenting the past' communicates with the
international and interdisciplinary field of collective memory, which
has grown considerably during the last decades. Studies of
commemorations and festivals, monuments, exhibitions and museums,
historical films and narratives are now numerous. Terms such as
social memory, collective or collected memory, kulturelle Gedächtnis,
lieux de mémoire, the presence of the past and the use of history all
illustrate the scholarly interest in how the past – or images of it –
is constructed, composed, negotiated and built up, but also
demolished, dismantled and rejected. This constructional work has
been investigated on the individual level, concerning personal
memories and private history. Studies in this field have also focused
on processes of nation building, the construction of ethnical or other
group identities, and heritage care and preservation.  We hope that
the proposed theme will inspire papers and panels on a number of
topics within this large field and may, for example, be chosen from
the following list:  Heritage and museums 

* Monuments and historic sites 
* Historical rituals and celebrations 
* Material memories 
* Artifacts as expressions of memory 
* History and conflict 
* Memory and trauma 
* Collective memory and nation building 
* Migration and memory 
* Museums as creators of myths 
* History as myth 
* New age and the mythical past 
* Audible memories – recording life stories 
* History in the mass media 
* History and popular culture 

Another set of themes that participants also are invited to address,
concerns the epistemology of cultural history. Does cultural history
imply a specific way of representing the past? Do cultural historians
investigate the past in other ways and with other methods than other
historians? Are there certain kinds of research practises that
characterize cultural history?  The conference welcomes papers and
panels discussing questions specific to cultural history as a field
of study, concerning how cultural historians work and the methods
they use. Do they explore other kinds of sources or are they just
interested in other themes and topics? Close readings and qualitative
sources are fundamental to many cultural historians' representations
of the past, but what is the epistemological basis for such a choice?
Papers and panels reflecting on theoretical and methodological
questions concerning how cultural historians present and represent
the past, are indeed welcome. 

The Dead-line is 15th of february 2011. 

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