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The Interplay of Global, National and Local

The Interplay of Global, National and Local in the City since 1800

CFP for the session 'The Interplay of Global, National and Local in
the City since 1800'

10th International Conference on Urban History, Ghent 1.-4.9.2010

During the last decades, much research has been done on globalization
and cities. Scholars in various disciplines have analysed the ways in
which global forces have changed the role of cities and shaped urban
spaces, landscapes and mindscapes during the current era of
globalization. Building on the insights gained from these analyses
and extending the time perspective, this session will discuss the
impact of different international forces and influences on cities
from the nineteenth century to the present day. How have
international forces and phenomena – such as imperialism, the Great
Depression of the 1930s, the ideological battle between capitalism
and communism during the Cold War, or the globalization in the late
twentieth and early twenty-first century – shaped urban societies,
and how have these global/international forces interacted with
national aspirations and local politics.

A key concern would be to discuss the different ways in which global
influences have filtered through into urban development on the
ground. How have international, national and local aspirations
converged, clashed and struggled with each other in the physical and
spatial development of cities? How have urban economic strategies
evolved from the interplay of global, national and local? In what
ways have international cultural influences met and blended with
different national and local traditions?

Paper proposals should be submitted by 1 December via the online

Session organisers:
Marjaana Niemi (Dept of History and Philosophy, University of
Ruth May (Fakultät für Architektur und Landschaft, Leibniz
Universität Hannover) 

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