[H-verkko] Konferenssi-ilmoitus: Book Culture from Below - The 18th Annual SHARP Conference, Helsinki 17.-21.8.2010

Jyrki Hakapää jyrki.hakapaa at helsinki.fi
Mon Heinä 6 13:12:30 EEST 2009

Hyvät vastaanottajat,

Kansainvälisen kirjahistorian seuran SHARP:in (Society for the History  
of Authorship, Reading and Publishing) 18. vuosikonferenssi  
järjestetään Helsingissä 17.-21. elokuuta 2010. Konferenssi  
järjestetään nyt ensimmäistä kertaa Pohjoismaissa ja sinne odotetaan  
noin 200 osallistujaa. Tapahtuman järjestevät Helsingin yliopisto,  
SLS, SKS sekä Pohjoismaiden ja Baltian kirjahistorian tutkijoita  
kokoavat tutkijaverkostot Hibolire ja NCMS.

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Sivuilla on esillä myös varsinainen Call for Papers ja konferenssin  
teeman "Book Culture from Below" esittely. Ilmoittautuminen  
konferenssiin avautuu kuitenkin vasta 15. syyskuuta 2009.

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sharp-2010 at helsinki.fi

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Jyrki Hakapää
Konferenssin järjestelytoimikunnan puheenjohtaja
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Helsingin yliopisto
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Book Culture from Below

The conference theme Book Culture from Below emphasizes the book  
culture of peasants, the laboring classes and other under-represented  
and oppressed groups, especially their independence and initiative in  
creating, using and deciphering printed works and print culture. In  
keeping with the SHARP spirit, we welcome proposals on all aspects of  
book history, but especially those that address issues and questions  
related to the conference theme, for example:

- How can the ”from below” perspective be applied to book history? How  
does this perspective intersect with class, race, gender and ideology?
- Who are the readers, writers, publishers and distributors ”from  
below”? Which forms of authorship and educational practices have been  
available to them?
- How can differences and interactions among educated, autodidactic  
and uneducated readers, writers and publishers be conceptualized?
- How can the various forms of literacy and illiteracy be recognized  
and analyzed?
- Which kinds of writings and publications are relevant for studying  
book culture from below? Which bibliographical and book history  
methods and approaches can we use to study them?
- How can the complex interaction between folklore and book culture,  
orality and literacy be re-evaluated? What are the functions of the  
manuscript medium in relation to the oral and the printed media?
- What are the intersections of subaltern and post-colonial studies  
with book history?
- In which ways does the ”from below”-perspective challenge hegemonic  
national histories? What are the possibilities of transnational  
studies in this field?

We invite not only researchers of print culture but also those  
studying manuscripts (whether medieval or modern era) to the conference.


The conference is open to both individual presentations and complete  
panel proposals (including three speakers and a chairperson). Each  
speaker will be given 20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes  
for discussion. All sessions will last 90 minutes. The proposals  
should be sent in English, which is the main language of the conference.

Proposals can be sent only by using the proposal form available on the  
conference website. The official on-line submission process will be  
opened on 15 September 2009. The deadline for submissions is 30  
November 2009. No proposals will be considered after the deadline.

Participants must be members of SHARP in order to present at the  
conference. It is the responsibility of presenters to ensure that they  
are members by the time of the registration. For information on  
membership, please visit the SHARP website at www.sharpweb.org.

Travel grants

SHARP is able to provide a limited number of travel grants to graduate  
students and independent scholars. If you wish to be considered for  
such a grant, please state this when submitting your proposal.

Contact addresses

For more information, please visit the conference’s website at

The conference website and information can also be found via

Inquiries concerning the conference should be sent to
sharp-2010 (at) helsinki.fi