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The Political Child - CFP

Second Call for Papers

15–16 May 2009, University of Helsinki

We welcome scholars working within the fields of childhood history
and history of education to a two- day seminar. Public lectures open
to all will be held on Friday, 15 May, and proposals for workshop
papers are invited to be presented at the seminar on Saturday, 16 May

The focus of the seminar The Political Child is children and
childhood in a historical perspective, especially in relation to
politics and institutions of education in a European context. The aim
of the seminar is to probe the various ways in which children were
affected by political processes and structures that were often
dominated by the state and its regulatory practices and discourses.
We wish to offer a discussion forum in order to create connections
between historians, historically oriented social scientists and
cultural researchers working in the fields of childhood research. 


Dr. Colin Heywood (Head of the School of History, University of
Nottingham) will act as the as the invited keynote speaker and a
commentator of workshop papers.

Colin Heywood is the author of:
Growing up in France from the Ancien Régime to the Third
Republic (2007);
History of Childhood: Children and Childhood in the West from
Medieval to Modern Times (2001);  
Childhood in Nineteenth-Century France: Work, Health and Education
among the 'classes populaires' (1988). 

Other invited speakers are Dr. Jane Gray (National University of
Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland), Docent Susanna Hedenborg (Malmö
University College, Sweden) and Associate Prof. Karen Stanbridge
(Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada). 


The aim of the seminar is to discuss empirical, methodological and
theoretical aspects of childhood in history particularly as they
pertain to the processes and structures of education and the state.
We hope to come up with ideas for new perspectives based on
participants' concrete analyses of their source materials and
observations on childhood. 

The seminar is aimed to stimulate discussion among scholars
interested in issues such as:

* institutions of education and children’s experiences therein; 
* education and practical learning at different times and in
different national contexts;
* the role that micro and macro levels of society play in children’s
everyday life and social relations; 
* the contribution of social and economic power relations to
children’s experiences;
* gender-bound practices and representations within educational

What connections and tensions are there between these themes and the
fields of historical research they represent? What are the
limitations and potentials of studying children, education and
nationalism from a historical perspective? How have children
experienced the structures and processes of educational institutions?
Have children’s roles been represented in politics, culture- and
nation-building, international relations, economics and labour market
studies? And what new or reflected insights about history of children
and children’s political agency might be generated by them?


Workshops on Saturday, 16 May, are open for both post-graduate
students and researchers to present their papers. Those wishing to
present a paper in a workshop are invited to send their abstracts to
the organizers. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 27
February 2009. 

Please forward the abstract (not to exceed 250 words), including the
proposed title of the presentation, name(s) of author(s),
affiliation, postal address and e-mail address, to Prof. Marjatta
Rahikainen (marjatta.rahikainen at helsinki.fi) and Dr. Saara Tuomaala
(saara.tuomaala at helsinki.fi). Notifications of acceptance of the
proposed papers will be sent by 16 March 2009. We will acknowledge
receipt of all paper proposals.

The deadline for the accepted papers is 27 April 2009. Papers should
not exceed 15 pages (1.5 spaced).

The admission to the seminar and workshops is free of charge.

The programme is found on the websites of the Department of Social
Science History and the Department of History, University of
Helsinki, and on the website:

For enquiries, please contact the organizers:

Prof. Marjatta Rahikainen			Dr. Saara Tuomaala
Department of Social Science History	Department of History
University of Helsinki				University of Helsinki
marjatta.rahikainen at helsinki.fi		saara.tuomaala at helsinki.fi

The seminar is organized by Department of Social Science History and
Department of History at the University of Helsinki, in collaboration
with Suomen taloushistoriallinen yhdistys – Finnish Economic History
Association, and Associate Prof. Karen Stanbridge, Department of
Sociology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.

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