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Industrial Heritage, Ecology & Economy, CFP

Call for Papers

XIV International TICCIH Congress
Industrial Heritage, Ecology & Economy 
Freiberg, Germany, 30th August to 5th September 2009

With this first announcement and call for papers we would like to
invite you to participate in the XIV International Congress of The
International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial
Heritage (TICCIH, http://www.mnactec.cat/ticcih/), which will be held
in Germany from 30th of August to 5th of September 2009.

The congress theme “Industrial Heritage, Ecology and Economy” is
aiming at these close connections between environmental, economical,
technical, social and historical questions of industrial heritage in
our modern world. It should be a forum of presentation and discussion
of these problems and of realized, actual and planned projects and
concepts for the solution of this problems.

Therefore it will not only focus on the traditional participants of
the TICCIH conferences. The congress, its planned sessions and
workshops should be open for participants from all scientific and
administrative fields and institutions which are dealing with
ecological, economical and heritage problems of industrial monuments
and industrial landscapes.

Questions and dimensions of the main congress topic

The Programme Committee of the congress invites all interested
colleagues to offer papers, posters or special sessions and workshops
for the TICCIH congress 2009 especially for the following questions
and dimensions of the main congress topic “Industrial Heritage,
Ecology and Economy”:
- Industrial monuments and the cleaning up of old industrial sites 
- Industrial Heritage, environmental protection and the preservation
of nature 
- Heritage concepts for the cleaning up and the re-use of industrial
areas and industrial landscapes 
- Economical concepts for the preservation and re-use of industrial
monuments, industrial areas and industrial landscapes 
- Regeneration through heritage: Reviving and maintaining the social
fabric of urban and rural communities 
- Industrial monuments and relicts of industrial culture as elements
of cultural landscapes 
More and other issues closely connected to the main congress topic
may be offered. They are welcome.

For detailed information please download the Call for paper at the
conference web site, www.ticcih2009.de

Congress language will be English. All papers have to be presented in
English. There will be no translation service. The congress will be
organized in three different types of presentations: Sessions,
workshops and poster-sessions. Deadline for the application of a
session, workshop, paper or poster will be 30th November 2008.

The decision about the admission of a session or workshop and a free
paper or poster will be made at the end of the year 2008 by the
Programme Committee of the congress. Information about the accepted
sessions, workshops, papers and posters will be sent out in February

For more information please contact the organisers:
info at ticcih2009.de

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Lisätietoja WWW-osoitteesta: http://www.ticcih2009.de