[Gross] Function of some config options.

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grey_delay from the wiki page: "grey_delay is the number of seconds between accepting the second sending attempt after greylisting. The default value is 10, increasing the delay causes the amortized memory requirement to grow linearly. "

This is implemented as an internal message queue. There is a thread that listens to the queue and inserts items from the queue into the bloom filter. The grey_delay is the the time the messages stand in the queue.

update style is better left default. I think the 'always' style was before the possibility of blocking senders. If update=grey, bloom filter is updated if there was a match from the filter or the sender should be greylisted. The documentation could be better on that one, I admit.

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Trying to understand one or two config options in grossd.conf as I find
the explanations in the sample a little terse.

in this context what is meant by "kept on the greylist"? Surely the
entry is put in the bloom filter from which it cannot be removed, so
this is some other list?

Presumably the function of using 'always' is to continuously re-insert a
triplet back into the bloom filter so that it never 'drops out' as the
filters are cycled round. Thus sources that were originally 'trusted'
due to no dnsbl matches eventually become 'matched' in the same way as
greylist inserted values?

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