[Gross] gross 1.0.1 dnsbl/dnswl

Steve steeeeeveee at gmx.net
Sat Aug 2 19:59:22 EEST 2008

Hello list

Is there an possibility in gross to give different weight for a dnsbl/dnswl response? I mean: There are dnsbl's/dnswl's out there giving different results depending on the query you do. For example hostkarma.junkemailfilter.com sends following responses back: - whilelist - trusted nonspam - blacklist - block spam - yellowlist - mix of spam and nonspam - brownlist - all spam - but not yet enough to blacklist

Another example would be lookups to zz.countries.nerd.dk (http://countries.nerd.dk/more.html). They return the ISO 3166 A 2 country code of the IP. This is a great way to just make one single lookup and either white list all countries you don't want to greylist or to give with just one single lookup a weight to all the countries you would like to block/greylist.

Can gross handle such responses or does it just looks if the lookup gives an response or not? What about the different weights depending on the response? Is that possible with gross?

// SteveB
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