[Gross] gross 1.0.1 milter and Postfix

Eino Tuominen eino at utu.fi
Sat Aug 2 19:59:06 EEST 2008

Steve wrote:
> Hello list
> I am using gross 1.0.1 as an Milter in Postfix 2.5.3. It looks that
> all is working as expected (okay... I once and just once had an
> segfault with it, but that's all so far).

Well, even the one segfault is too much.. ;-) On what platform do you 
run your email stack?

> Now I have a question: How does gross 1.0.1 Milter knows that a mail
> is locally originating? I don't see any option in gross to disable it
> on mails originating from local addresses and/or I don't see any
> option in gross to disable it for authenticated users. With
> authenticated I mean users that succeeded SMTP AUTH ({auth_authen}
> Milter macro) and/or users that use STARTTLS with a verified client
> certificate ({verify} and {cert_subject} macro). Is there a way to
> bypass gross for those conditions? Does any one know that?

I'm afraid that funcionality is not (yet) implemented in grossd. It 
should be pretty straight forward to iplement those things in 

> What about white listing certain client IP's and/or recipient and/or
> senders? Is there a possibility to do that in gross (beside adding
> them in a local dnswl)?

A local dnswl is the only option, currently. Senders could be 
whitelisted with a local rhsbl with a negative weight. Now, I'm 
uncertain if I have ever tested negative weights thorougly, but 

> btw: I know, I know. I should/could use the Postfix policy with
> gross. But I just wanted to see if the Milter would work with
> Postfix. And it does :) But probably I will switch gross to use
> Postfix policy possibility.

I'm going to investigate milter possibilities more after I've got our 
JES to speak milter with gross. One interesting possibility would be to 
extract URLs from message bodies and test them against Spamhaus SBL.

   Eino Tuominen

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