[Gross] gross 1.0.1 milter and Postfix

Steve steeeeeveee at gmx.net
Sat Aug 2 19:45:15 EEST 2008

Hello list

I am using gross 1.0.1 as an Milter in Postfix 2.5.3. It looks that all is working as expected (okay... I once and just once had an segfault with it, but that's all so far).

Now I have a question: How does gross 1.0.1 Milter knows that a mail is locally originating? I don't see any option in gross to disable it on mails originating from local addresses and/or I don't see any option in gross to disable it for authenticated users. With authenticated I mean users that succeeded SMTP AUTH ({auth_authen} Milter macro) and/or users that use STARTTLS with a verified client certificate ({verify} and {cert_subject} macro). Is there a way to bypass gross for those conditions? Does any one know that?

What about white listing certain client IP's and/or recipient and/or senders? Is there a possibility to do that in gross (beside adding them in a local dnswl)?

btw: I know, I know. I should/could use the Postfix policy with gross. But I just wanted to see if the Milter would work with Postfix. And it does :) But probably I will switch gross to use Postfix policy possibility.

// SteveB
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