[Gross] RFE: check = database, rereading configuration file

Ernest Wypierowski ew-lists at mailbox.com.pl
Fri May 16 20:20:27 EEST 2008

On Fri, 16.05.2008 at 16:55:53, Ernest Wypierowski wrote:
> On Fri, 16.05.2008 at 16:32:09, Eino Tuominen wrote:
> > What MTA do you use? With SJSMS you could run Gross as a replicated pair 
> > and just restart grossd daemons one at a time. Just restart on host1 and 
> > check with telneting to status port that it's ok, and restart on host2.
> SJSMS. Gross, at the moment, is run in single mode.

Another   thing   is   that   we   will  lose all historical connections
after restart.  So for some  people/mta  it  could  be  greylisting  for
second time.

Best regards,
Ernest Wypierowski
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