[Gross] Pidfile and daemonization

Nuutti Kotivuori naked at iki.fi
Tue Apr 15 14:32:31 EEST 2008


I'm having a spot of bother with using a pidfile with grossd. As far
as I can see, there's no option in grossd itself for creating a
pidfile. Since grossd forks and daemonizes itself by default (and does
it nicely after configuring grossd so configuration errors can be
caught), it would be prudent for it to automatically create a pidfile
if so requested.

This can ofcourse be worked around by not having the daemon fork and
creating the pidfile externally. However, it seems that grossd
disables logging to syslog in this case - which prevents this from
being used in system installations.

So, I'd like to request either pidfile creation - or the ability to
not-daemonize and still log to syslog.

I might come up with a patch for this if necessary, when I can muster
the time.

-- Naked

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