[Gross] Wrong grey_mask default value

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Mon Mar 24 20:52:01 EET 2008

Eino Tuominen wrote:
> Hello,
> I just noticed that the default value of grey_mask has been 0. It 
> effectively means, that every client_ip is recorded as in the 
> filters. Do you have grey_mask set to some other value than default? 
> That just might explain why I see more matches in the logs now than in 
> early days. I have not yet decided what the default should be, I'm 
> thinking setting it to 24 would be a safe bet.

Mine isn't set.  Are you sure?  That's not the behavior I'm seeing.

~> /opt/wiscmail/gross/bin/gclient sjsms lasfjd laskjf 1 
<grossserver> 1111
got: G $X4.4.3|$NPlease$ try$ again$ later
G $X4.4.3|$NPlease$ try$ again$ later

~> /opt/wiscmail/gross/bin/gclient sjsms lasfjd laskjf 1 
<grossserver> 1111
got: M $Y
M $Y
/opt/wiscmail/gross/bin/gclient sjsms lasfjd laskjf 1 
<grossserver> 1111
got: G $X4.4.3|$NPlease$ try$ again$ later
G $X4.4.3|$NPlease$ try$ again$ later

> Also, weighted checks are coming, just having some weird segfaults 
> keeping me from committing the changes to the svn trunk.


> Some time ago someone told me that 1111 was a bad choice for default 
> port, indeed, there might be a situation when that port is not available 
> for gross. I'm thinking ports 5225 for grossd, 5226 for sync and 5222 
> for stats.

5222 is used by XMPP.


   Jesse Thompson
   Email/IM: jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
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