[Gross] perpetual match

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Mon Nov 12 16:03:22 EET 2007

Jesse Thompson wrote:
> Jesse Thompson wrote:
>> Eino Tuominen wrote:
>>> Could this be leading to the bloom filter false positives?
>> I'm afraid so.
> Hmm. I see that I will need to reset the bloom filters to do this.
> Grossd shutdown with exit code 1: Configs differ!
> My:   filter_size 25 number_buffers 12
> Peer: filter_size 24 number_buffers 12
> Is there any alternative?

After an initial stab at modifying the source code to ignore peer
configuration differences, I decided that the impact of resetting the
bloom filters was so benign that it wasn't worth adding more complexity
to the code.  I raised the filter_bits to 25 with a clean statefile late
on Friday.  No problems resulted from this.

This seems to have solved the false positive issue for those campus MTAs
that were always at the top of the list.  Although, the match rate
didn't seem to change (still at 4-6%,) which I was hoping would go lower.

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