[Gross] New snapshot available

Eino Tuominen eino at utu.fi
Thu May 24 22:40:12 EEST 2007

Jesse Thompson wrote:
> Can you elaborate on the efficiency problem with the RHSBLs?  Is it a
> latency problem with the remote service, or something local?

I didn't put my words very well. I meant to say that there is
surprisingly few hits from rhsbl I'm using:

0: Grossd OK. Update queue: 19 (In: 19 + Out: 0) Trust: 381864 Match:
24346 Greylist: 972697 Queries/sec: 1.684859 Dnsbl matches: grossd dnsbl
matches (rhsbl.sorbs.net, rbl-plus.mail-abuse.org, bl.spamcop.net,
combined.njabl.org, cbl.abuseat.org, dnsbl.sorbs.net): 73, 220039,
266894, 211974, 131848, 140246

Maybe there are better lists than rhsbl.sorbs.net.

> I wonder if it would be possible for Sophos users to query the
> URI_CLASS_* spam rules.  This might provide better performance similar
> to the Blocker queries.  Although, I don't think that there is an API
> provided to query these rules on demand.

Interesting idea. It may be possible to do some reverse engineering.
I'll see into it.

BTW, would you see use of Gross as a spam trap? There could be spam trap
addresses hidden on web pages and stuff, and if grossd saw an attempt to
deliver mail to a spam trap address, it would add the sending host to a
local block list. I'm not sure if it would help much, though...

  Eino Tuominen

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