[Gross] New snapshot available

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Thu May 24 22:06:28 EEST 2007

Eino Tuominen wrote:
> Hello all,
> Last development snapshot contained a couple of memory leaks. The new
> version fixes those - no other changes.
> I have used r206 in production since its release. Memory leaks aside, I
> have not had any problems with it. RHSBL does not seem to be very
> efficient, though.

I haven't had a chance to install this yet.  I'm still off for another 
week or so.  After that I plan to migrate gross to a new server 
environment.  I'll try this release after things settle back down.

Can you elaborate on the efficiency problem with the RHSBLs?  Is it a 
latency problem with the remote service, or something local?

I wonder if it would be possible for Sophos users to query the 
URI_CLASS_* spam rules.  This might provide better performance similar 
to the Blocker queries.  Although, I don't think that there is an API 
provided to query these rules on demand.

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