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Aihe: YHYS Colloquium/Call for Papers/Working group: Urban experiments
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Dear all,

Working group at Finnish Society for Environmental Social Science (YHYS)

Fall Colloquium (see http://www.yhys.net/) Creating experiment-driven
environmental policy

19–20th November 2015 at University of Tampere, Finland

Urban experiments: What is bubbling under in the urban scene?

Urban scene is constantly changing. Present situation is in flux, and new
urban ideas are emerging. Urban researchers trace traveling urban processes
such as globalizing of urban policies, climate change adaptation,
circulation of different kinds of expertise and things, the workings of
transnational urban activism and shifting global resonances of urban
cultures and milieus. In this panel, we want to discuss about urban
experiments. We hope to bring the urban experimental practices and local
actions into conversation in a variety of ways: by exploring how similar
ideas are implemented in different local contexts, how particular sphere of
urban life may produce interesting emergent action in the fields of city
planning, environmental activism, sharing economy, art, public space, civic
initiatives, and so on.

The urban experiments have numerous starting points in many different urban
contexts. We invite to discuss about how, why and by whom are these
experimental actions created – or are there self-organizing elements around
these phenomena? Can local experiments be generalized or should they stay
particular and local? Are they always bottom up processes? What is the
local municipal policy towards the urban experiments?  At first sight,
urban experiments such as different “pop up –ideas” appear to be more
public, involving and transparent than ever before. Is this the case, or do
urban experiments select their participants?

We invite both empirical as well as theoretical papers approaching urban
experiments. Research made with experimental methodology in the urban
setting is also welcome. We hope diversity from the papers in order to
strengthen our understanding of how the local circumstances frame the idea
of urban culture, action and experiment. Also new analytical strategies and
multidisciplinary approaches are invited from various academic fields e.g.
social policy, environmental policy, land use planning, sociology,
municipal policies, geography, architecture and so on.

Deadline for abstract proposals is 30th October 2015.

Abstract proposals can be submitted through e-mail: Markus Laine (
markus.laine at uta.fi) & Helena Leino (helena.leino at uta.fi)


Helena Leino

Helena Leino
Adjunct Professor, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Policy
PONTE - Politics of Nature and the Environment Research Group
School of Management
33014 University of Tampere, Finland
helena.leino at uta.fi
+358 40 1909751

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