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Displaced Families, Dispersed Memories / anthology

Displaced Families, Dispersed Memories

Edited by Johanna Leinonen, Seija Jalagin, Outi Kähäri, Ilmari Leppihalme, Hanna-Leena Määttä & Elina Turjanmaa

Keywords: memory, family memory, memory politics, displacement, forced migration, embodied memory, counter-memory, postmemory, (im)mobility, family separation, silence, resilience, trauma

This peer-reviewed anthology explores how families dispersed by war, conflicts, repression, occupation, or forced migration process family memory. We inquire what happens to memory sharing within families and across generations when memory politics and national memory culture(s) push for silence and forgetting, or buttress certain memory narratives while suppressing others. To what extent and how do families conduct memory work beyond and across borders? Here, we refer not only to nation-state borders but also to more informal bordering practices and processes in everyday contexts. Do memories create boundaries between and within families and communities?

Following Halbwachs (1992) and Errl (2011), we understand family memory as a form of collective memory that is constituted, transmitted, and produced through communication and interaction between family members. It is intergenerational and plural: it is not an archive of family history but an ongoing and active process (Favart-Jardon 2002). Moreover, family memory mediates between individuals’ autobiographical memory and national sites of collective memory (Errl 2011).

The book focuses on three themes. The first addresses silences and embodied memories and practices in the transmission of memories. Both sharing and listening to painful or even traumatic memories can be difficult. These memories are often disunified and fragmented, and sometimes intentionally “forgotten” (Connerton 2008), as silence can be a strategy for protection and survival. At the same time, even when memories are not verbally communicated, they may be transmitted through embodied practices and affectivity.

The second theme focuses on trauma and resilience, exploring the role of trauma in the (non)transmission of memories as well as people’s capacity to persevere and relay memories even in adverse circumstances. Family members’ traumatic experiences may affect family recollection even generations later. Difficult histories may tear families apart, but they can also increase family resilience, for example, by strengthening family connectedness across generations.

The third theme explores counter-memories that are formed along with and against dominant memory narratives. Counter-memory can be understood as a social and political practice of memory formation that can, for example, resist official discourses. Memories left out of national discourses may bring out perspectives of marginalized groups.

The three interconnected themes illustrate the political, cultural, social, national, linguistic, religious, and mental boundaries of family reminiscence.

We welcome empirical and/or theoretical contributions from various fields of study that address one or more of the themes outlined above. The proposals can focus on any political or historical context.

The proposals should include the title of the paper, an abstract (max. 500 words), and a short bio of the author(s) including the contact details (name, email address, affiliation).

Please send your proposal to Academy Research Fellow Johanna Leinonen (johanna.leinonen at oulu.fi) and Senior Lecturer Seija Jalagin (seija.jalagin at oulu.fi) by March 15, 2022.

The accepted proposals will be announced by March 31, 2022. The book proposal with the accepted abstracts will be sent to an international academic publisher in May 2022. The deadline for the article manuscripts is September 30, 2022. The articles will be submitted to a peer review process in December 2022.

Seija Jalagin
seija.jalagin at oulu.fi

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