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International conference ‘The Border of the Treaty of Nystad – Peter the Great’s Line’
International conference ‘The Border of the Treaty of Nystad – Peter the Great’s Line’  dedicated to the Tercentenary of the Great Northern War’s end and the making of the Treaty of Nystad
Vyborg, Leningrad Region (Russia) October 06-09, 2021

Vyborg’s associated heritage museum (Vyborg Castle museum), in co-operation with the Committee for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of the Leningrad Region, the Museum Agency of Leningrad region, Petrozavodsk State University, the Likhachev Foundation and Peter the Great Istitute (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Organizers’) are holding the international conference ‘The Border of the Treaty of Nystad – Peter the Great’s Line’ in the form of the Minor Peter the Great Congress.

The aim of this conference is to thoroughly study the heritage of the Russian-Swedish border set according to the results of the Treaty of Nystadt of 1721, its meaning for the history of the border-adjacent territories, impact on the historical and cultural heritage of the region, to broaden co-operation between the Russian and European scientific, educational and cultural institutions in regard to the studies of Peter the Great’s Era.

We invite Russian and foreign scientists, teachers and postgraduate students of leading universities, specialists from research institutes, archives and museums to take part in the conference.

The following topics are proposed for discussion:

‑ European diplomacy on its way to the Treaty of Nystadt;
‑ The Treaty of Nystadt and proclamation of the Russian Empire;
‑ The border settlement between Russia and Sweden in 1722;
‑ Transborder contacts: local population under the war & peace conditions;
‑ Returning home: Russian captives in Sweden and Swedish captives in Russia;
‑ Historical memory about Peter the Great’s Era in Northwestern Russia and Finland;
‑ Material and nonmaterial heritage of the border according to the Treaty of Nystadt;
‑ Artifacts from Peter the Great’s Era which are kept in the museum collections of Northwestern Russia and Northern European countries and are related to the Treaty of Nystadt of 1721.

The conference program provides a plenary meeting as well as  section work. According to the conference results a special coference issue is planned for publishing in 2022 with further insertion to the Russian Science Citation Index database. During the conference a number of cultural events are planned which include a guided tour around Vyborg and neighbouring places of interest related to Peter the Great, his allies and the Russian-Swedish border of 1722. A detailed conference program will be sent to the conference participants as soon as applications have been considered.

Working languages of the conference are Russian and English. Simultaneous interpretation will be arranged.

Venue and time of the conference: Zamkovy Ostrov 1, Vyborg, Leningrad Region.  Vyborg United Museum-Reserve (Vyborg Castle).

Expenses for transportation and hotel accommodation of the conference participants shall be borne by a sending party. The organizers shall render assistance in hotel booking. Lunch, dinner and coffee breaks shall be arranged by the conference organizers.   Foreign participants shall be supported in regard to visa issues (an invitation on cultural relations for Russian consulates).

In case COVID-associated limitations are still valid, organizers shall provide the possibility for online participation.

For participation in the conference an application and a talk summary (1000-1800 signs) must be sent to the Organizing committee through May 20, 2021. An application should include the following information: full name, place of work & position, degree, contact information (e-mail, phone), a talk title. The organizing committee shall not accept any applications sent after May 20, 2021. The organizing committee is entitled to select talks.

The Organizing committee of the Conference:
Official address of the conference organizing committee:
Zamkovy Ostrov 1, Vyborg, 188800 Leningrad Region.
State Budgetary Educational Institution «Vyborg’s associated heritage museum»
Ph: 8 (812) 980 12 93; +7 952 377 59 85,
e-mail: vyborgcastle at yandex.ru,
webpage: http://vyborgmuseum.org/

Contact persons:

Alexey V. Melnov
(Vyborg’s associated heritage museum)
alexmelnov at yandex.ru

Alexander M. Pashkov
(Petrozavodsk State University)
pashkov at psu.karelia.ru
alexmelnov at yandex.ru

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