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Designing Cities – Principles and practices of city planning in the past and present
27–30 April – 1 May, BEIRUT, LEBANON
Designing Cities – Principles and practices of city planning in the past and present


AACCP (Architecture, Archaeology and Contemporary City Planning) is a multidisciplinary and progressive network, which has gathered together researchers, experts and practitioners from various fields to discuss topics related to urban development and city planning since 2014. One of the main aims of the network is to promote collaboration between different ac- tors and increase understanding of the profitable co-existence of the past, present and future in urban environments.

With this task in mind, we are happy to invite you to the eighth AACCP symposium organized in collaboration with the Finnish Institute in the Middle East in Beirut, Lebanon in April 27– 30 and May 1, 2020.

With the theme Designing Cities – Principles and practices of city planning in the past and present we are inviting contributors to present papers that fall within the cross section of archi- tecture, archaeology and city planning and are related, but not limited, to the following topics:

Urban development, redevelopment and regeneration
Visions, ideas and realizations – principles in practice
The role, (mis)use and utilisation of heritage in city planning and building
Collaboration between city planners, architects, archaeologists and developers
Public–private–people partnership in urban planning
Climate crisis, cities and cultural heritage
Interrelationship between public and private spaces
Production of urban space from social perspective
Land use, transportation and traffic
Functionality, sustainability and attractivity of cities
If you wish to participate in the symposium and present your studies, experiences and ideas at the AACCP2020 in Beirut, please send your proposal with an abstract (maximum 300 words) by January 15, 2020 to Liisa Seppänen (liseppa at utu.fi) and / or Sinan Burat (burat at mersin.edu.tr). You may also participate in the meeting without a paper. In this case too, we would appreciate your contact.

The programme consists of presentations and discussions, excursions in and outside Beirut as well as social activities which have proved to be very fruitful and to bring interesting ideas for new kind of research and collaboration. The full programme will be published by Febru- ary 10, 2020 together with the acceptance of papers.

The premises of the meeting are kindly provided by the Finnish Institute in the Middle East, who will take charge of arrangements related to accommodation (hotel reservations), meals and excursions. Participation for the symposium is free, but each participant will be charged for the accommodation and according to the attendance at other activities and excursions.

Because of the final booking of premises, hotels and excursions, all participants need to register to the symposium to Mrs Manal Chatila (manal.chatila at fime.fi) by February 28, 2020. More detailed information about the registration will be sent for those who have expressed their preliminary interest in participating in the symposium by January 15.

The proceedings of previous symposiums have been published as e-publications, and we in- tend to publish the papers of the AACCP2020 as well.

We are looking forward to highly interesting and productive days in Beirut in spring 2020. Warmly welcome to AACCP2020!

On behalf of the organization committee, Liisa Seppänen and Raija Mattila


Organization committee of AACCP2020:

Raija Mattila, Dr., director, Finnish Institute in the Middle East (raija.mattila at fime.fi) Liisa Seppänen, Dr., Adj. prof., University of Turku, University of Helsinki (liseppa at utu.fi) Sinan Burat, Dr., Asst. prof., University of Mersin (burat at mersin.edu.tr)
Per Cornell, Professor, University of Gothenburg (percornell1 at yahoo.se)
Giorgio Verdiani, Professor, University of Florence (giorgio.verdiani at unifi.it)
Liisa Seppänen
liseppa at utu.fi

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