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9 PhD positions in Applied History of Education
Calls for Positions

In the spring 2020, the national graduate school Schooling in perspective: A graduate school in applied history of education will admit a total of nine doctoral students at four of Sweden’s leading academic environments for history of education research. The graduate school is a cohesive multidisciplinary graduate school with an international footing, where doctoral students from various disciplines will feel at home and where they will be offered the best conditions for making leading-edge contributions to international research. The launch of the graduate school is planned to the autumn of 2020.

The graduate school’s focus on applied history of education signifies a thematic orientation of research that, in different ways, contributes to a greater understanding of pressing contemporary educational policy issues. It focuses three themes of fundamental importance in a time of globalisation and intensified calls for reform: education in debates and historical narratives; the history of the school system and school reforms; and education in an international and transnational perspective. This general orientation of the graduate school thus covers a range of topics of interest both to those who are interested in historical issues as well as those who are oriented toward current educational policy debates.

With its focus on applied educational history, the research school is fairly broad, and many research interests are accommodated here. This includes: studies of teachers’ changed status and work environment, inclusion, digitalisation, private schools, the role of international organizations and the formation of educational science research, the impact of educational ideas in the post-war period, changes in subject education, regional school discipline, schooling of minorities, schooling of minorities and the history of school crises. Of great interest to this graduate school are also studies from a student perspective, questions about the school’s everyday life and the material. Both the small history – the microhistory of a student, teacher or politician – as well as the macrohistory are of interest to this research school.

Call closes:
- Uppsala Universitet: 9 March 2020
- Umeå Universitet: 2 March 2020
- Stockholms Universitet: 2 March 2020
- Örebro Universitet: 1 March 2020

For further information, see: https://appliedhistoryofeducation.school.blog/calls-for-positions/
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