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Ethnologia Fennica 2021 (48:2): Politics of Dress and Appearance
Ethnologia Fennica is a peer-reviewed open access journal of the
Association of Finnish Ethnologists. The journal publishes original
scholarly articles, review articles, conference reports and book
reviews. The articles undergo double-blind peer review. In the Finnish
Publication Forum, Ethnologia Fennica is ranked on level 2.

The theme of the Ethnologia Fennica 2021 issue (vol. 48: 2) is the
politics and social meanings of dress and appearance. Dress has been a
typical subject of ethnological research since the establishment of the
field. In recent years, new theoretical discussions and concepts such as
performativity, materiality and body as well as studies inspired by
gender theories and textual, visual and affective approaches have
renewed the study of dress in ethnological research in many ways. At the
same time, dress, fashion and appearance have also become very topical
themes in the study of culture and society in fields outside traditional
dress and fashion studies. This theme volume of Ethnologia Fennica will
focus on the role of dress and fashion, items of clothing and bodily
modifications in expressing, formulating and contesting political ideas
and ideologies, social norms, cultural ideals and social status. All
article submissions from European ethnology and related fields are

The articles may discuss, for example, uniforms and dress codes of
political and other social organizations and movements, public debates
around dress and fashion, changes of dress and fashion in relation to
social and cultural changes, or dress as a form of political protest. We
welcome articles that study dress, fashion and appearance from various
viewpoints, for example, as material artefacts, discourses and dress
codes, a question of production and consumption, meanings or practices,
or ones that discuss the emotions, memories and experiences related to
dress. Please note that in every issue, we also publish articles outside the
theme, and you can to submit your manuscript at any time.

Please submit your abstract (max 400 words) by June 30, 2020. Authors
will be informed about the acceptance of their submission by June 30,
2020, and they will be asked to send their language-revised article
(which should not exceed 10,000 words) by January 31, 2021. Please
submit your abstract and article through the Journal.fi submission
system (https://journal.fi/ethnolfenn). Authors need to register with
the journal prior to submitting or, if already registered, they can
simply log in and begin the submission process. For further
instructions, see the guidelines to authors on the journal’s website
(https://journal.fi/ethnolfenn/about/submissions). Ethnologia Fennica
vol. 48 issue 2 will be published in December 2021.

Professor Tiina Kinnunen from the University of Oulu and Dr Arja Turunen
from the University of Jyväskylä are the visiting Editors-in-Chief for
this thematic issue. The Editor-in-Chief responsible for the issue is Dr
Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto.

Contact email: EF at ethnosry.org
Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto
EF at ethnosry.org

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