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Study-circle – NSU Luku piiri vuosille 2021-2023
Call for New Project Proposals 2021-2023

Nordic Summer University
Research, Networking, Folk/bildning

Deadline 1 February 2020

The Nordic Summer University (NSU) call for project proposals for study circles to be active 2021-2023 is now open. We seek proposals for new scholarly networks addressing critical issues in culture and society. Founded in 1950, NSU is an independent, non-profit scholarly institution that provides platforms for networks across disciplines in the Nordic and Baltic regions. NSU is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The activities of NSU are based on three concepts:

Research: NSU provides frameworks for critical scholarship with relevance for culture and society, where scholars and practitioners explore ideas and develop knowledge on equal footing.

Networking: NSU brings together university scholars, students, artists and other professionals from different disciplines, countries, generations and institutions in activities that transcend institutional hierarchies.

Folkbildning: NSU combines two traditions: the continental ideals of learning and cultivation of the self and the Nordic heritage of folkbildning and self-organization, with its investments in open access education and collaboration through participation and active citizenship. All aspects of NSU are democratically organized by the participants.

What is a study circle?

Activities in the NSU are based on thematic study circles, which are forums for participants to present, discuss, and develop their scholarship. The work done in a study circle aims to do new and innovative research in the Nordic and Baltic context and provides a surplus for the Nordic and/or Baltic region. NSU currently consists of nine such study circles, each of which runs for three years. Two people function as coordinators, who are responsible for organizing the activities. Each circle meets twice per year, once in the winter (February-March) in a so called winter symposium, and once in the summer during the annual weeklong NSU summer session, which is typically held the last week of July. The winter symposia are organized by the circles themselves in collaboration with a local partner (another network, a university department, a cultural institution, or similar). NSU funds the winter symposia up to 34 000 DKK (app. 5000 €) per circle, per year. The summer session is organized by NSU, where all circles meet in the same location. The circles conduct parallel symposia during the day and partake in joint activities in the evening.
Erik Poulsen
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