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European Social Science History Conference 2020
Call for Papers / Call for Session Organisers

Culture Network

European Social Science History Conference 2020

Deadline April 15, 2019

The Culture Network, one of the larger networks within the ESSHC, invites you to offer a proposal for a paper or a session for the 2020 biannual conference that will take place in Leiden, The Netherlands, 18–21 March 2020.

This is an open call. You are free to suggest any theme for the 2020 Conference as long as it relates to culture and/or cultural history in its broadest sense. You can propose a session or a paper. The ESSHC is applauded for its open and interdisciplinary character. It is organized in several networks, each of which with its specific scope. The Culture Network welcomes all proposals referring to (but not only) visual culture; news and popular media; tourism; leisure; design history, architecture and town planning; photography in social studies; digital history; the study of emotions; material culture; folklore; human–animal studies; cultural diversity and border culture; death culture; collective memory politics; Cold War culture; utopian visions; as well as innovative approaches to the study of cultures and cultural history.

How to propose a paper: Fill out the pre-registration form on the Internet: https://esshc.socialhistory.org. Include an abstract of your paper (250–500 words). Please send in your form before April 15, 2019. No individual may present more than one paper. However, every participant can act as a chair or commentator in addition to presenting a paper. A participant cannot act as chair or commentator in the same session he/she is presenting a paper.

How to organise a session: Gather four speakers who each will present a paper on a related topic, a chair, and a commentator who will introduce the discussion with a prepared comment on the papers. The roles of the session organiser, chair and commentator can be fulfilled by the same or by different persons. When inviting the participants, please, make sure that they do not all come from the same university and country. Confirm participation and arrange with these individuals the (date of) exchange of papers and the way the session will be conducted. If possible, have one or more substitute speakers at hand in case of withdrawal of one of the speakers. Submit the proposal for a session with a pre-registration form for each individual speaker. The deadline is April 15, 2019, but please send your form as early as possible. Contact the speakers regularly to make sure that the preparation is going according to plan.

Session formats can vary between panel sessions, roundtables, meet-the-author sessions, film sessions (a film introduced by and discussed with the makers), debates, a project start-up brainstorm, as well as anything innovative in form that will enrich the conference. Please, feel free to discuss details about the preferred session format with the network chairs.

All creative proposals are welcome, as long as sessions do not last more than two hours and give ample opportunity for the participation of the audience in discussions. Session organisers should make arrangements for the distribution of papers among participants well before the conference, in order to enable discussions.

Note that the deadline for submitting your proposal (April 15, 2019) is fixed. Proposals submitted after this date will not be accepted.

Since the number of sessions organized by each network is limited, preference will be given to pre-organized sessions, as well as to interesting and well-formulated paper proposals. Proposals that come well before the deadline will be also given preference.

If you have any questions and would like to discuss your proposal before submitting them, please contact the Culture Network chairs:

Magdalena Elchinova, New Bulgarian University, Department of Anthropology, melchinova at hotmail.com

Heidi Kurvinen, University of Turku, Cultural History, heidi.kurvinen at utu.fi
heidi.kurvinen at utu.fi
heidi.kurvinen at utu.fi

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