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CFP for session ”Gambling and problem gambling in time and space” at the SNSUS conference in Tampere, Finland in June
CFP for the session Gambling and problem gambling in time and space at the SNSUS conference on gambling and problem gambling in Tampere (Finland) June 3-5, 2019


In the Western history, gambling has been a controversial form of leisure activity and consumption. Yet people have enjoyed gambling in different social classes (e.g. aristocracy, working class) and in various spaces (e.g. casinos, public houses, home, street). For a long time, gambling was defined as a masculine activity, but many women have been active on the gambling scene as gamblers and organizers of gambling events. Problem gambling has always existed, but it was not understood as a social problem until its medicalization. Today gambling is a mainstream leisure activity, and its harmful impact on individuals and societies is known.

The aim of the session is to discuss gambling as an activity and problem gambling as a social problem taking place in time and in certain spaces. We welcome presentations that examine gambling and problem gambling in historical and contemporary periods and in actual or in virtual spaces. We are also interested in how media has represented gambling and problem gambling in relation to time, space, gender, ethnicity and social class. Following research questions can help in the elaboration of the presentation: What has changed in gambling spaces over time? How has the Internet changed the spatial constructions of gambling? How the perception of problem gambling has changed over the time? Are some spaces more addictive than others? Are some spaces more gendered and ethnicized than others?

Organizers: Riitta Matilainen, University of Helsinki (riitta.matilainen at helsinki.fi) & Johanna Järvinen-Tassopoulos, National Institute for Health and Welfare (johanna.jarvinen-tassopoulos at thl.fi).

Abstract instructions

SNSUS is organizing the 12th Nordic Conference on gambling and problem gambling in Tampere, Finland in June (3rd – 5th) 2019. The Nordic conference is held every two years and was last in Odense, Danmark 2017.

The objective of the conference is to extend our knowledge on gambling and gaming within the Nordic countries. Among our keynote speakers are Mark Griffiths (University of Nottingham, UK) and David Hodgins (University of Calgary, Canada). In addition we will be hearing from leading Nordic researchers and experts on gambling and problem gambling as well as regulators and representatives of gaming companies. Preceding the conference there will be a Preconference Workshop organized by SNSUS on gaming and interfaces between gaming and gambling.

The deadline for abstract submission is 1st of March 2019.

The abstract must be 200 words or less. The 200 word limit does not include the name and affiliations of authors or the title of the abstract: Please clearly notify the presenting author.
Please use font Arial, size 12. In order to avoid problems with symbols, submit a pdf-format of the abstract. Abstract should be named as Lastname (of presenting author). Abstract name.

Accepted contributions will be oral presentations. For oral presentation each presenter has exactly 20 minutes including time for questions.

Authors will be notified of acceptance of their contributions at latest 15th of March 2019.

All abstract authors are entitled to register with a deduction on the registration fee.

Please notice that submissions without at least one registered presenter before first of May will be neglected.

Please send your abstracts to Dr. Daníel Thor Ólason. Email dto at hi.is AND to the organizers of the session Gambling and problem gambling in time and space Riitta Matilainen (riitta.matilainen at helsinki.fi) and Johanna Järvinen-Tassopoulos (johanna.jarvinen-tassopoulos at thl.fi).

More information on the conference programme, venue, travelling, registration and payment can be found here: http://www.snsus.org/

The organizers of the session more than happy to answer any questions regarding the session and the conference.
Riitta Matilainen
riitta.matilainen at helsinki.fi

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