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Professor of Music Technology
Do you want to be part of a diverse and visionary community that is shaping up the future? The University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki) is an international forerunner in education and research in the field of arts. Uniarts Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy is now recruiting


for a five-year fixed-term assignment from 1 August 2020 to 31 July 2025.

Working environment

Uniarts Helsinki began its operations in early 2013 when the Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy and Theatre Academy merged. The Sibelius Academy is responsible for the highest level of teaching, research and artistic activities in the field of music in Finland. It trains artists, educators and music experts capable of independent artistic and expert work.

The Professor of Music Technology is located in the Department of Music Technology, in the Faculty of Music Education, Jazz and Folk Music. The Department of Music Technology trains on the creative use of technologies for making and performing music in a variety of contexts, such as electroacoustic music, media and sound art, game and film music, music recording and sound production, various music genres, and music technology pedagogy. Upon graduation, students are widely placed in the public, private, or third sectors through their in-depth and varied education, or act as independent artists, work with recording and sound/music productions, venue amplification, media and sonic arts, or electro-acoustic music, build experimental instruments for sound art and performance, compose for games and films, create new tools and methods for integrating music and technology, or work as music technology pedagogues. Bachelor’s and master’s level education in music technology at the Sibelius Academy has been developed since 1998. Doctoral education in music technology was launched in 2010 in the form of arts, research and applied study programmes leading to a doctorate. The other teaching staff of the Department of Music Technology participates also in the implementation of doctoral studies as supervisors and experts on the doctoral evaluation committees. The work of the Department is characterised by cooperation and collaborations across the university and beyond and further reflected in various projects of research dissemination, in which students also have a strong role.

The current research profile of the Department of Music Technology is versatile but at the same time a great synergy around the research on spatial audio in multiple areas has been created, and the Department aims to strengthen this research stream also in the future. The Department of Music Technology is active in disseminating their research and artistic projects in various societal environments. For instance, the multichannel Dome installation has been exhibited in multiple public spaces.

The training is administered by the Department of Music Technology, which is currently composed of one professor, six lecturers, one senior assistant, one technical expert, a large number of part-time teachers, and some 40 bachelor’s and master’s students and ten doctoral students. In addition, the Department offers various music technology courses to all students at the Sibelius Academy and Uniarts Helsinki. The learning environment of the music technology is international, multidisciplinary and in close interaction with the surrounding society. More information on Music Technology education can be found on the Uniarts Helsinki website.

Job description of the professor of music technology

General duties of the professor

Uniarts Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy requires a professor to

1.      Conduct and publish research representing their field

2.      Lead, foster and develop education within their field in cooperation with other faculty members within the university

3.      Provide students with study guidance and be sufficiently at their disposal

4.      Participate in the student admissions process and study assessments

5.      Provide the university with the necessary reports on teaching, research and/or artistic activities

6.      Complete the required administrative duties associated with the post

Specific duties of the professor of music technology

1. The professor is responsible of the teaching and supervision of doctoral students but participates also in teaching and supervising bachelor’s and master’s level students in music technology. The professor participates in the development of music technology education in cooperation with the head of department, other teaching staff, research personnel, and administrative staff.

2. The professor leads, coordinates, and participates in research projects with national and international collaborators in the field of music technology. They develop music technology research and/or artistic activities at Uniarts Helsinki in collaboration with the head of department and other music technology teachers and postdoc researchers.

3. The professor promotes the pedagogical development of the multidisciplinary field of music technology within Uniarts Helsinki. The professor is responsible for ensuring that the latest research-based knowledge is applied at all levels of education, both at the Sibelius Academy and throughout Uniarts Helsinki, as well as in the education offered for open university students. In addition, the professor develops interaction between the Department of Music Technology and the rest of Uniarts Helsinki.

Selection criteria

Eligibility for the position of professor requires a doctoral degree, versatile teaching skills, pedagogical competence, and experience in developing university education. The position also requires the ability to provide university-level teaching and supervision in music technology with an emphasis on doctoral supervision. A candidate eligible for the position has in-depth knowledge of a particular area of ​​music technology and evidence of high-quality artistic and/or scholarly activity. The scope of interests within which the professor should have deep knowledge of, in at least one particular area, comprises expertise in artistic activities, composition with technologies, musical performance with technologies, concert activities or sound installations, practice-based and/or artistic research collaboration, and development of technologies for musical performances.

In addition, experience in developing and leading artistic and/or research activities, forming research groups as well as experience in obtaining research funding is requested. Applicants are expected to have a broad interest in various aspects of music technology, a good understanding of artistic and practice-based research, and international networks for current and future collaborations. Eligible candidates are expected to have the ability to work in teams and to develop the professional community of music technology. The areas to be evaluated are further elaborated in the evaluation matrix which can be consulted on the Uniarts Helsinki website.

A person with a scholarly doctoral degree who does not fulfil all of the above-mentioned criteria may also be selected for the post if he/she is particularly distinguished in relation to all other criteria.

Language skills

Applicants are required to have an excellent command of English. The language of instruction at Uniarts Helsinki is Finnish, Swedish and English. Finnish applicants are required to have a good command of Finnish or Swedish and a satisfactory knowledge of the second language. Uniarts Helsinki may decide to deviate from the language proficiency requirements.


Uniarts Helsinki will implement tenure tracks for the teaching and research staff as of the beginning of 2020. Uniarts Helsinki’s tenure track system will consist of professor and lecturer tenure tracks. Uniarts Helsinki reserves the right to evaluate the open position’s placement on the tenure track. In this recruitment, the following career paths may be considered: Associate Professor or Full Professor.

The salary for the assignment is based on the level 8-10 (professor) of the university salary system for teaching and research staff. In addition, a salary component based on personal performance is paid. The annual salary of a professor is approximately EUR 64,000-96,000, depending on the experience and merit of the person selected. In addition, Uniarts Helsinki offers comprehensive occupational health care. The professor's working time is the total working time under the collective agreement, which is 1,624 hours per year. The assignment requires regular attendance and contact teaching.


The deadline for submitting applications for this position is 12 January 2020. You can access the University's electronic recruitment system here. Attach your application as PDFs in English:

1.      Open application letter where the applicant describes their vision on teaching and research and their strengths in relation to the post of professor (max. 4,000 characters)

2.      A CV completed according to the guidelines of the National Advisory Board on Research Ethics: http://www.tenk.fi/en/template-researchers-curriculum-vitae

3.      A list of publications completed according to the “Guidelines for list of publications”, as specified by the Academy of Finland: https://www.aka.fi/en/funding/apply-for-funding/az-index-of-application-guidelines/list-of-publications/

4.      Sample materials and their respective catalogue: no more than five publications, which show their competence and merits in relation to the post in question

5.      Teaching portfolio

The aim is to arrange a suitability assessment in April-May 2020 in Helsinki.

Without jeopardising the uniform treatment of applicants, Uniarts Helsinki reserves the right to leave a position unfilled, continue the application period or consider applications submitted after the application period. Prior to the compiling of the employment contract, the successful candidate for the post must provide official copies of required degree diplomas and language proficiency certificates.


For further details regarding the post, please contact:

Vice Dean Tanja Johansson, tel. +358 40 7104 392 or tanja.johansson at uniarts.fi, best available by phone:

-          Fri Dec 20, at 1 pm - 3 pm

-          Fri Jan 3, at 9 am -12 am

For further details concerning recruitment system and the application process, please contact HR Officer Katja Vento, tel. +358 40 710 4213 or katja.vento at uniarts.fi.

Interested? Find out about Uniarts Helsinki as an employer, our career system, and the recruitment process on the University's website.

Uniarts Helsinki is an international forerunner in education and research in the field of arts and strengthens the role of art as a force that reforms society. With its wide selection of programmes in the field of arts and a productive dialogue between teaching and research, Uniarts Helsinki sets itself apart as an internationally unique university.
Katja Vento
katja.vento at uniarts.fi

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