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Creating, Authoring, and Owning the Shared Challenging Commons in Cultural Studies
Call for Papers: Creating, Authoring, and Owning the Shared Challenging Commons in Cultural Studies

Ethnologia Fennica is a peer reviewed open access journal of the Association of Finnish Ethnologists. The journal publishes original scholarly articles, review articles, conference reports, and book reviews. The articles undergo double blind peer review. In the Finnish Publication Forum, Ethnologia Fennica is ranked on level 2.

The theme of the Ethnologia Fennica 2020, 47: 1 is cultural commons. Lately, the ownership of heritage and cultural property along with conceptions of authorship and creativity have been discussed in many social arenas. The discussions have not only contested, but also bolstered the conceptions that have been considered Western or imperialistic. For example, the sharing and remixing of materials in the social media have challenged the traditional media’s copyright practices in several ways. Yet, also cultural memory organizations like museums and archives are already actively taking advantage of the possibilities of the internet, for example by using crowdsourcing. At the same time, indigenous peoples all over the world are claiming ownership to their own traditions and cultures. They have confronted not only past practices of collecting, storing, and representing indigenous cultural knowledge, but also contemporary activities in popular music, or what has been called biopiracy.

In addition to authorship, ownership, and creativity, there are several other key terms that provide critical views, political tools, and methodological clarity to these discussions. Such could be for example cultural heritage, Traditional Cultural Expressions, appropriation, and commons, which all seek to resolve the tension between private and collective culture, both in public sector and in academic discussions.

Ethnologia Fennica will publish a thematic issue related to questions of private and public or individual and collective ownership, authorship, and creativity of culture and tradition. We invite scholars to contribute to the issue with articles, review articles, and commentaries on themes including, but not restricted to:
·         collective creation in vernacular or institutional practices
·         collective ownership or commons
·         cultural appropriation
·         heritage and repatriation
·         heritage, power, and recognition

Please submit your language revised article (which should not exceed 10 000 words) through the Journal submission system (https://journal.fi/ethnolfenn) by 15 August 2019. Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting or, if already registered, can simply log in and begin the submission process. For further instructions to the author, see author guidelines in the journal’s web site (https://journal.fi/ethnolfenn/about/submissions).

Dr Karina Lukin from the University of Helsinki will act as visiting Editor-in-Chief for this thematic issue. Editor-in-Chief responsible for the issue is Dr Tytti Steel. Contact e-mail: EF at ethnosry.org

Please note that in every issue we also publish articles outside the theme and you are able to submit your manuscript at any time. All article submissions from European Ethnology and related fields are welcome. We also have an open Call for Papers for 2020, 47:2 issue on Posthumanities in Ethnology. The deadline for this call is 7 January 2020. You can find the call on the website of Ethnologia Fennica.


Dr Karina Lukin
EF at ethnosry.org

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