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4th Nordic Science and Technology Studies Conference: CALL FOR PAPERS
Conference: 13–14 June 2019

Pre-conference: 12 June 2019

Tampere University, Finland

The field of science and technology studies (STS) has become increasingly prominent in the Nordic countries. The purpose of the biennial Nordic STS conference is to promote exchange of ideas and collaboration among STS scholars by providing a regional forum for presenting on-going research, networking, and initiating new ideas and conversations. The Nordic STS conference has been organised since 2013, when the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture/TIK at University of Oslo took the initiative of organising the first conference.

The 4th Nordic STS conference will be held at Tampere University, Finland, in 13–14 June. A pre-conference workshop for junior researchers will take place 12 June. At the fourth Nordic STS conference the keynote speakers are: Harro van Lente (Maastricht University), Mianna Meskus (Tampere University) and Maria Nedeva (University of Manchester). The conference is organised in collaboration with The Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies and the Research Center for Knowledge, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, Tampere University.

The call for papers for the conference and the pre-conference are now open.


The abstracts of proposed presentations (max 300 words) can be submitted either to thematic sessions or as a general submission without an identified session. In the latter case, conference organisers will form new thematic sessions and assign accepted abstracts accordingly. The abstract should include the names, institutional affiliations, and email addresses of the presenters. You can find the details of the thematic sessions here.

Thematic sessions include:

 	Challenges of Sustainable Knowledge Production in Inter- and Transdisciplinary Research
 	Creating Academic Knowledge in the Age of Research Impact
 	Revisiting Science-Society Relations in the Post-Truth Era
 	Gender and Intersectionality in Research and Innovation
 	The Rise of Literature, Culture, and Science
 	Changing Modes of Visualization
 	Infrastructuring Migration: Doing STS within/about Mobility
 	Meeting Food and ‘Fooding’
 	STS in Food Studies and Food and Food System Design
 	Care in STS – Objects, Transformations and Politics
 	Responsible Research and Innovation in Science and Technology
 	Governance and Knowledge of Human-Microbe Relations
 	More-Than-Human Technologies at Homes, Farms and in Laboratories
 	The Economization of Nature
 	STS – Design – Sustainability
 	Catalysts for Sustainability Transitions
 	Mainstreaming of Sustainable Innovations
 	How Do Technologies Die?
 	Reconfigurations of Infrastructure in the Algorithmic Age
 	Sound, Body, and Technology
 	Becoming of the Data-driven Society
 	Data, Governance, Welfare: Nordic Perspectives
 	Struggling with Ignorance and Uncertainty in the AI-driven Society
 	STS and Social Media

Please submit your abstracts by January 18, 2019, here.

The authors of accepted abstracts will be informed no later than March 1, 2019.


We will organize a one-day pre-conference for junior researchers (doctoral and postdoctoral researchers). This pre-conference will be organised in collaboration with the Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies, the Research Center for Knowledge, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, and the New Social Research programme, Tampere University.

The pre-conference is an opportunity to present work-in-progress and receive feedback from more experienced STS scholars. We are interested in a wide range of research as long as there is a topical, theoretical, and/or methodological connection to the field of STS.

Please submit the abstracts of your research papers (max. 300 words) for the pre-conference by January 18, 2019, here.

We will inform about accepted abstracts no later than March 1, 2019. Researchers, whose abstracts are accepted to the pre-conference, will be asked to submit a longer 10-page paper. The deadline for the longer research papers is May 15, 2019.

Please note that we encourage all junior researchers to submit their abstracts also to the conference, which begins the day after the pre-conference.

For more information on the pre-conference, please contact Associate Professor Elina I. Mäkinen (elina.i.makinen at uta.fi).

Summary of important dates:

1.        Submission of abstracts for the conference: January 18, 2019

2.       Submission of abstracts for the pre-conference: January 18, 2019

3.       Notifications of accepted presentations: no later than March 1, 2019

Registration fee (includes lunch and coffee for June 13 and 14):

100 euros

60 euros (students and doctoral researchers)

For more information about the conference.

Conference Facebook group 

Organising committee:
Reetta Muhonen, Tampere University (Chair)
Otto Auranen, Academy of Finland
Ismo Kantola, University of Turku
Elina I. Mäkinen, Tampere University
Minna Saariketo, Aalto University

Scientific committee:
Kristin Asdal, University of Oslo
C-F Helgesson, Linköping University/Uppsala University
Sampsa Hyysalo, Aalto University
Christopher Gad, IT-University of Copenhagen
Reetta Muhonen, Tampere University (Chair)
reetta.muhonen at uta.fi

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