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2018 Gigliola Gori Award – Call for Submissions
ISHPES is currently accepting applications for the 2018 Early Career Scholar
Award. TheISHPES GIGLIOLA GORI AWARDwill be presented at the2018 ISHPES
Congressto be held inMNSTER, GERMANYon July 18-21, 2018.

It is awarded for an unpublished essay of outstanding quality in the field of
sport history. Eligible scholars must be a member of ISHPES and a registered
student (undergraduate or graduate) at the time of the Congress or within one
year of receiving or having graduated from a program of higher education.

The essay must be submitted in English and the text itself (including notes and
bibliography) must not exceed 8,000 words. The essay should conform toThe
International Journal of Sport Historystyle for format and references.

The main criteria for selection will be based on the young scholar’s original
work, the scientific quality of his or her research and the value of the study
from the perspective of international sport history. A specially chosen
committee will review the articles and select the winner.

Gigliola Gori, a leading sport historian in Italy and long-time member of ISHPES
has very generously donated a 1000 € prize for this award. The ISHPES GIGLIOLA
GORI AWARD is intended to promote emerging scholarship among young scholars of
sport history world-wide through the organizational support of ISHPES and its

The award winner will receive a 1000 € prize, free registration at the
Congress and a year’s membership to ISHPES. The winning paper should be
presented during the conference. His/her paper will be published inThe
International Journal of Sport Historyand the winner, together with any other
entrant whose work is recognized by the committee for its quality, will receive
a diploma that will be presented during the Congress. The essay must be emailed
to the Chair of the Awards Committee atawards at ishpes.orgno later than
FEBRUARY 1, 2018.

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