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FOHN 2016 "Fragile Memories: Doing Oral History with Vulnerable Narrators"
Muistutus FOHN2016 symposiumin esitelmähausta. Haku on auki maanantaihin 16.

Call for papers

Sixth international Finnish Oral History Network symposium

Fragile Memories: Doing Oral History with Vulnerable Narrators
24–25 November 2016
Helsinki, Finland 

Papers are invited for contributions to the sixth international symposium of the
Finnish Oral History Network Fragile Memories: Doing Oral History with
Vulnerable Narrators hosted by the Finnish Literature Society in collaboration
with the Academy of Finland. The symposium aims to bring together scholars of
oral history and life writing to discuss vulnerability. Invited speakers include
Sean Field (University of Cape Town), Malin Thor Tureby (University of
Linköping), Anna-Kaisa Kuusisto-Arponen (University of Tampere) and Ulla
Savolainen (University of Helsinki).

The symposium addresses vulnerability from several perspectives.  It may refer
to individuals or groups coping with or recovering from the consequences of
natural disasters or man-made crises, poverty, war or other experiences of
violence. Vulnerability is also about lack of power and its impact: seclusion,
insecurity and helplessness. Additionally, researchers and persons working with
oral history often define individuals -or groups under scrutiny- as vulnerable.
This may have a negative impact on individuals and communities and also the oral
historian and interviewee relationship.

We encourage papers which explore how people cope with strain; socially,
culturally and materially in practice, in narratives and/or in images, but also
examine theoretical, methodological and fragile ethical issues related in doing
oral history with vulnerable narrators. The symposium invites scholars to
investigate power-relations between oral historians and interviewees related to

The language of the conference is English. Proposals may be submitted as
individual papers or workshop sessions. The proposed papers should focus on
individual remembering and methodological aspects related to the topic. All
proposals should include a title and an abstract maximum of 250 words (per
paper). Proposals for whole sessions should include all abstracts of the
suggested papers. Please include in the proposal the following information: your
name (with your surname in CAPITAL letters), affiliation, postal and e-mail
addresses and telephone.

Proposals will be evaluated according to their focus on the topic. Please e-mail
your proposal as an e-mail attachment by 16 May 2016 to fohn at finlit.fi.
Notifications of acceptance will be communicated in mid-June 2016.

Admission to the symposium is 50€ (standard)/ 35€ (Concession:
students/postgraduates/unwaged). Registration by 16 September 2016.


Enquiries: fohn at finlit.fi

Anne Heimo, Chair, FOHN, University of Turku                      

Kristiina Takkinen, Course Secretary, FOHN, University of Helsinki


Further information: http://www.finlit.fi/fi/fohn-en 
Facebook: Finnish Oral History Network / Twitter: FOHN Finland

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