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Dynasty and Dynasticism 1400-1700 -konferenssi Oxfordissa

Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta, Oxford, Woodstock Road
16.3.2016 – 18.3.2016

Dynasty and Dynasticism

1400 - 1700


Somerville College, University of Oxford

March 16 - 18th 2016


Professor János M. Bak (Central European University)

Professor Craig Clunas (Oxford)

Professor Jeroen Duindam (Leiden)

Professor Paula Sutter Fichtner (CUNY /Brooklyn College)

Professor John Morrill (Cambridge)


Boyd Tonkin has written that credence in the power of dynastic blood is the
‘residue of a magical world view’, yet in this period dynasty co-existed
with new kinds of national and imperial state. Cliff Davies has questioned
whether a dynasty such as the Tudors existed at all in the minds of
contemporaries, suggesting they might have been ‘invented’


This conference aims to ask afresh what royal dynasty was in the late medieval
and early modern periods: what beliefs underpinned it, whence its power and
mystique derived, and who or what ruling dynasties believed themselves to be. In
recent decades, the ‘new political history’ has reanimated the study of
monarchy, courts, parliaments and royal image-making, using a range of
interdisciplinary techniques, in the  process enriching our grasp of political
culture in the late medieval and early   modern periods. This conference now
seeks to put dynasty under the spotlight, as a category of analysis in its own
right, and as a major organising political principle in the pre-modern world.

Abstract submissions are invited for a major international conference on Dynasty
and Dynasticism, 1400-1700, in Europe and beyond.

Abstracts for proposed papers (max. 500 words) should be sent to
dynasty at history.ox.ac.uk by 1st August 2015 .


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