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ACHS-konferenssi, Canberra, Australia 2.-4.12.2014

Joka toinen vuosi järjestettävän ACHS-konferenssin CFP on käynnissä,
deadline on 1. kesäkuuta. Teoreettisesti painottunut, monitieteinen
(kulttuuri)perintöön keskittyvä konferenssi saattaa kiinnostaa monipuolisen
lähestymistapansa takia laajasti historian ja kulttuurien tutkijoita.
Suosittelemme lämpimästi tutustumaan konferenssin sisältöihin:
Sessiomme “Critical approaches to the relationship of futures research and
heritage studies” abstrakti löytyy osoitteesta:


Ystävällisin terveisin,

Maija Mäki
Tohtorikoulutettava / Kansatiede / Turun yliopisto

Helena Ruotsala
Professori / Kansatiede / Turun yliopisto


ACHS Conference

Conference Aims

The second Conference of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies (ACHS)
will be held at the Australian National University, Canberra in December 2014.
This conference builds on the energy and momentum of the first Conference held
at the University of Gothenburg in June 2012, which attracted almost 500
delegates from 47 countries and all continents. We wish to continue the first
conference’s call to re/theorise heritage studies, and to explore further many
of the themes that emerged from that conference.

The CFP for the first conference called for the establishment of: “an
extensive network of heritage scholars across the globe in order to debate and
discuss cutting-edge research in the field of heritage studies. We see Heritage
Studies as emerging from diverse disciplinary fields, in particular public
history, memory studies, museology, cultural heritage, tourism studies,
architecture and planning, conservation, as well as cultural geography,
sociology, cultural studies and policy, anthropology, archaeology and
ethnomusicology, law, artistic research and artistic practices.

The ACHS was formed at this conference, and the extremely wide range of fields
represented at Gothenburg showed the appeal that a critical approach to heritage
held for many researchers. Chapters of the ACHS have been formed in Scandinavia,
the USA, India and Australia.

The 2012 CFP also stressed that submissions should: “encourage cross cutting
thinking and should not be afraid to try to theorise what heritage studies is
and where it should go. They should be underpinned by an active move away from
site- and artefact-based definitions of heritage in a traditional sense and
should pursue instead a range of methodologies and questions aiming at
interdisciplinarity stemming from social science, scholarly traditions, natural
science, and also areas such as artistic practices and the performing arts.”
The Gothenburg conference also highlighted a new set of sensibilities and
theoretical sophistication in heritage studies. Please note that, as per the
2012 conference, we are looking for papers that go beyond case study or site
based reports – we are not looking for ‘the usual suspects’ – but expect
theoretically informed and innovative proposals.

We are aiming to make sure that the next conference builds on the networking and
theorising that were so much a feature of the first conference.

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