[H-verkko] Tampere, Workshop: “Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother”: Violence Against Parents in the North of Europe

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Workshop: “Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother”: Violence Against Parents in
the North of Europe

22.5.2014 klo 09:30 – 24.5.2014 klo 12:00


May 22-24, 2014

International workshop

Venue: Pinni B 3111, History, University of Tampere, Finland

Sessions are open to the public, but due to limited seating, advance
registration is requested; please email your registration by May 16th to
Olli.Ilves(at) uta.fi



9:30               Opening

10:00 -12:00  Family violence I.

Chair: Marianna Muravyeva. Discussant: Satu Lidman.

·      Matikainen, Olli: Lethal Violence in Close Relationships: Finland
1904 – 1913

Schjerning, Camilla: Ungodly Living and Fatherly Duties: Violence, Authority and
Family Honour in late Eighteenth century Copenhagen
Katajala-Peltomaa, Sari: Children, Violence and Demonic Possession in Late
Medieval Hagiography

12:00-13:30   Lunch

13:30-15:30   Parent abuse I.

Chair: Nina Koefoed. Discussant: Marianna Muravyeva

Voltmer, Rita: Murder by trial? Violence against parents during the witch hunts
in Western and Northern Europe
Kilday, Anne-Marie: Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice? Violence against
Parents in Scotland, 1750-1850
Holt, Amanda: Surveying the Landscape of ‘Adolescent-to-Parent Abuse’: Where
are we now?


15:30-16:00   Coffee

16:00-17:30 Child abuse.

Chair: Louise Kallestrup. Discussant: Jari Eilola.

Rautelin, Mona: Baby Cry, Coercion and Deadly Threats: Crime Triggers in Violent
Infanticide in Finland 1700-1900
Remahl, Anni (& Paavilainen, Eija & Aho,  Anna Liisa): Common Factors in
Familicide Perpetrators



FRIDAY 23.5.


10:30-12:00   Parent abuse II.

Chair: Satu Lidman. Discussant: Nina Koefoed

Shon, Phillip C.: Temporal sequencing and offender behavior in attempted and
completed double parricides: An exploratory study using regional and appellate
court records in South Korea (1995-2012)
Walker, Garthine: Parricide, gender and modernity: the changing spectre of
violence against parents in England and Wales c. 16th-18th centuries


12:00-13:00   Lunch

13:00-14:30   Family Violence II. 

Chair: Jim Sharpe. Discussant: Louise Nyholm Kallestrup.

Miettinen, Riikka: Vicious Karin and other suicides with violent households.
(Re-)Constructing monsters in 17th-century Swedish suicide trials

Toivo, Raisa Maria: Unnoticed and casual? Non-deadly violence between parents
and children in early modern Finnish households.

14:30-15:00   Coffee


15:00-17:00   Parent abuse III.

Chair: Riikka Miettinen. Discussant: Jim Sharpe.

Liliequist, Jonas: Ambivalent emotions and conflicts between parent and child
generations in early modern Sweden and Finland 1745-1754
Willumsen, Liv Helene: ‘His disobedient son’ – a case study of criminal
violence against parents in the mid-18th century
Muravyeva, Marianna: 'He beats me and abuses me': Parents' complaints against
abuse by children in Russia (17th to 20th centuries).





10:00-11:30   Closing discussion and general notes.


Tiedustelut: Raisa Toivo, Tampereen yliopisto, historia (raisa.toivo(at)uta.fi),
puhelin 0408228441
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