[H-verkko] Turku, Urban History Day 6. Transnational Cities

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Urban History Day 6. Transnational Cities

6.3.2014 klo 10:00

Urban History Day 6

Transnational Cities

Turku, Thursday 6 March 2014
Place: E221, Minerva, Sirkkala, Kaivokatu 12


10.00 Opening

10.15 Keynote lecture: Anne Folke Henningsen (University of Copenhagen):
Bringing the World to Copenhagen: (living) ethnographic exhibitions as popular
education in urban settings

11.15–12.15 Lunch break

12.15­–13.45 Session I: Connected cities

Lauri Uusitalo (University of Tampere): Colonial cities and transcultural
interaction in the 16th century Andes

Mari Tanninen (University of Turku): Comparisons and contacts, studies and
statistics. Role of transnational knowledge networks in late 19th century and
early 20th century Viennese debates on the regulation of prostitution

Matti Hannikainen (University of Helsinki): "Splendid Isolation" – How did
London parks influence the Creation of  New Parks in Europe or in the US during
the 20th Century?

13.45–14.15 Coffee break

14.15–15.45 Session II: Mobility of urban planners and ideas

Emilia Karppinen (University of Turku): Architects as urban planners? Changing
professionalism of Finnish architects in the early 20th century Europe

Marjaana Niemi (University of Tampere): Negotiating between transnational and

Eliel Saarinen and the planning of Helsinki

Suvi Talja (University of Helsinki): Irish architects and influences of Nordic
housing area design, c. 1960–1980

15.45– Refreshments


Organizers: Network for Research on Multiculturalism and Societal Interaction
(MCnet), Taina Syrjämaa (University of Turku), together with Peter Clark
(University of Helsinki), Marjatta Hietala (University of Tampere), and Marjaana
Niemi (University of Tampere).

For further information, please, contact Taina Syrjämaa, taisyr[at]utu.fi

Tiedustelut: Taina Syrjämaa (taisyr at utu.fi)
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