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Participation, Integration, and Recognition. Institute of Migration, Turku, May
19-20, 2014

Participation, Integration, and Recognition:
Changing Pathways to Immigrant Incorporation

Institute of Migration, Turku, May 19-20, 2014

Conference rationale:

The goal of this conference is to gather scholars to an interdisciplinary
discussion about different ways of understanding immigrant incorporation, both
historically and in contemporary society. The conference maintains that it is
important to examine critically what is exactly meant by the term "integration".
Who are targeted with integration policies and who are left out? In which
domains of society (e.g. education, labor market, families) is integration
expected to take place and at what speed? How is integration structured by
factors such as gender, class, and "race"/ethnicity? 

It is also important to consider the asymmetric power relationships embedded in
integration. Ideally, integration is a two-way process which results in changes
in both immigrant communities and the receiving society. To what extent do
immigrants consider it possible to become recognized and participate as full
members of society? What kinds of incorporation strategies do immigrants employ
themselves? The conference encourages discussion on integration across
disciplinary boundaries. For example, what kind of a role do schools play in
incorporation? What can we learn from history in this respect? 

The event is a sister conference to the symposium "Finnish Immigration in Global
and Historical Contexts" celebrating the 150th anniversary of Finnish
immigration to Minnesota, to be held at the Immigration History Research Center,
University of Minnesota (USA) on October 29-31, 2014. 

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Dr. Peter Kivisto (Richard Swanson Professor of Social Thought and Chair of the
Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Welfare, Augustana College,
Rock Island, Illinois, USA)
Dr. Tuuli Anna Mähönen (Postdoctoral Researcher, Adjunct Professor,
Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki, Finland) 
Dr. Teemu Ryymin (Professor, Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural
Studies and Religion, University of Bergen, Norway) 
Dr. Mari Vaattovaara (Professor in Urban Geography, Department of Geography,
University of Helsinki, Finland)

CFP is now open: 

The conference organizers are now inviting paper and workshop proposals. Please
email your proposal to info at migrationinstitute.fi by January 31, 2014.

A paper proposal should include a paper title, max. 350 word summary of the
paper, contact information, and a short biographical paragraph. Please indicate
if you wish your paper to be included in one of the workshops listed below. You
can also propose a paper on any topic related to the conference theme.

A workshop proposal should include a workshop title, max. 350 word workshop
description, contact information, and a list of workshop participants.

Conference fees:

- Regular fee: 50 € 
- Graduate students: 30 € 

Preliminary workshop themes: 

- Integration through education/schools 
- Linguistic integration 
- Integration policies - examples of good practices at the local level 
- Integration of special migrant groups 
- Integration experiences of Finnish Americans in the past and present 
- Integration of ethnic and racial minorities 
- Memberships in diaspora - citizenship opportunities of Somali immigrants in
different societal contexts

For more information, please contact Johanna Leinonen (johlei at utu.fi) or Elli
Heikkilä (elheik at utu.fi) or visit http://www.migrationinstitute.fi/


Department of General History, University of Turku, Finland 
Institute of Migration, Turku, Finland 
Network for Research on Multiculturalism and Societal Interaction, University of
Turku, Finland 
Academy of Finland project “Contexts of Diaspora Citizenship – Transnational
Networks, Social Participation and Social Identification of Somalis in Finland
and in the U.S.”. University of Eastern Finland and Mikkeli University of
Applied Sciences, Finland

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