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Koulutusta: Environmental Memory and Change in Medieval Iceland

Islanti, Reykjavík
1.8.2014 – 15.8.2014

August 1st - August 15th 2014

Environmental Memory and Change in Medieval Iceland:

An interdisciplinary course in the Environmental Humanities and Social Sciences
with a special focus on Risk and Vulnerability in Iron-Age and Medieval Iceland

A two week summer course (10 ECTS*) in Iceland for Masters and Doctoral students
with interest in supplementing their studies that fall within the following

• Literary Ecocriticism

• Environmental History

• Environmental Archeology

• Environmental Anthropology

The course will have a thoroughly interdisciplinary orientation and address
timely research questions that lend themselves to intersecting disciplinary
perspectives and inputs from complementary scholarly fields in the humanities
and social sciences that share a common interest in the human dimensions of
environmental change and the effects of such processes on environments and

The course will address questions on long-term societal resilience in the face
of risks from climate change, internal conflict, rapid landscape change,
pandemic disease, and the impact of early globalization.  Iceland represents a
key area for international, interdisciplinary investigations of social responses
to multiple simultaneous threats over the millennial scale.

The course will consist of a series of seminars, lectures and field-study visits
on closely related research topics and themes within the environmental
humanities for the benefit of approximately
30 international participants.  Senior researchers from each of the key
disciplines anchoring the course will lecture during the two weeks of intensive
sessions, and hold mentoring meetings with the grad students.  All lectures and
coursework will be in English.

Application deadline May 7th 2014

Environmental Memory and Change in Medieval Iceland:
Information about the Svartárkot project in general:

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